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Caseable iPad Case Review

A few weeks ago I got to review a customized iPad case, courtesy of Caseable. I'm known for being horrible with taking care of my electronics (I lug my camera around in my everyday purse instead of using a padded camera bag) so this was the perfect opportunity to find something to properly protect my iPad. When I received the case in the mail, I was honestly blown away by how amazing the quality was.

Since I mainly use the iPad to watch movies and TV shows on-the-go, it's always nice when I can prop up my iPad on my lap or on a nearby surface. I didn't even realize that this case has rubber edges so you can stand your iPad up at pretty much any angle. This led to a very happy Jen secretly watching her Star Wars at work. Jackpot? Jackpot. It's also nice to fall asleep with since the cover is very cozy (but no worries, we only cuddled once by accident).

Caseable gives you the option to upload your own photograph and customize your case; but, since I was letting Jeremy borrow my iPad while he was teaching abroad in Turkey, I didn't want him to have to lug around my face. If you're looking for a laptop, iPad, tablet, or kindle case, I would highly, highly, highly recommend Caseable (and I rarely recommend a product so highly). Maybe I'll gift a friend a laptop case with my face. You can't ask for a better gift, right? ;)


  1. That's a really cool case!
    I'll be your friend for a free stuff! May I have an iPad too? Yes yes? Oh yes.

  2. I really like the graphic on your case! I like that elegant Asian feel, especially that sea color theme. So pretty. :)

    ♥ xixia |

  3. Very pretty case c:
    It's so one of the


  4. Just ordered one for my wife. After reading reviews and looking at hundreds of cases, this one is pretty classy. However I would like to have a clip-in hard case rather than elastic bands to hold the Ipad in...but I'll take it...


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