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92nd Street Greenmarket

c/o Tulle Maxi Dress
Urban Outfitters Belt
c/o Blowfish Shoes Gypsy Sandals
Shoedazzle Purse

Because I'm a New Yorker now, I automatically assumed I would spend my days doing hipster things like going to Farmer's markets. I scouted this one out last Sunday and walked a couple blocks to check out the goods. I brought along my roommate, Rob, since he loves farmer's markets as well. It was a little smaller than I expected but I still managed to go home with some deliciously fresh grape tomatoes.

One thing I didn't realize was that goods from Farmer's markets are pricier than the local supermarkets - mainly because everything is super fresh. I might give up my hispter-like lifestyle to accomodate my budget. Then again, I always love supporting local farms so I might make the occasional trip from time to time. Next time I want to venture to the Farmer's market in Union Square. Now that is one swagtastic Farmer's market. And yes, I did just use the term swagtastic. I apologize.


  1. haha, yeah, about half a year ago we started switching from buying regular things to buying organic and it is a little more pricy.. but totally worth it since you're not putting a chemical shit storm in your body!

    You look so cute and perfectly fit to go to a farmer's market. The print on that dress is so pretty!

  2. "Because I'm a New Yorker now, I automatically assumed I would spend my days doing hipster things like going to Farmer's markets"

    haha! well, sounds like a good plan to me! next time I'm in nyc maybe I'll see you at a market. :)

    LOVE your dress, too! you make a very lovely hipster.

  3. Maxis always look great on you! So pretty...
    And those wedges? Perfect. I have to agree with Sarah ^...
    You look like a "lovely hipster."
    Cute look, as always.

  4. Own your swagasms, Jennifer Hsieh. Own. Them.

    In all seriousness - farmers markets are inspirational places. Enjoy the tomatoes! :)

  5. Amazing maxi dress
    and mint colored
    toe nails!!


  6. I'm loving all your new york posts lately!

  7. I am absolutely loving your maxi dress and the print on it!


  8. I add -tastic to words all the time, lol. You are looking VERY swagtastic in these photos! I'm sure the Farmer's Market vendors were very glad to have you there, adding your swag-alicious ambience to he scene ;) hehe
    But really, aren't maxi dresses GREAT?! I got a couple recently and love 'em. They are great for me because I can wear them both walking and wheeling (since I have to use my wheelchair anytime I need to walk any sort of distance at all.) I love clothing that can easily be worn both ways, and cover me well when sitting.

    Hugs from Tracy! Yep, I posted - hoping to do that a lot more now :)

  9. I'm loving your maxi dress, Jen! The print is fabulous! And I agree, farmer's markets are crazy price-y but the quality of the produce is quite excellent.

  10. That dress looks incredible on you Jen! I adore the pattern and the colors! I'm sorta jealous of your city life, but not really...because I'd miss the beach way too much :)


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