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The Time I Picked a Pumpkin for the First Time

This past weekend I made the journey down to Robbinsville, New Jersey to go pumpkin picking with my friend Stephen. He drove us to Windsor Farm & Market and I could barely contain my excitement since this would be my first time pumpkin picking and my first hayride. Having lived in New Jersey for so many fall seasons, that is pretty sad. The hayride was ridiculously adorable though - we were surrounded by little kids and their parents and the little kids kept waving at all the cardboard cartoon characters that decorated the trail. There was another portion of the trail set up for the haunted hayride (at night) that was pretty spooky even in the day time.

Urban Outfitters Cardigan, Top
H&M Corduroy Skirt
Wayfair Wedges

Once we arrived at the pumpkin patch, I started to realize how silly I looked in my wedges, trying to make my way through all the vines and shrubs. There were some cocklebur plants that are super prickly and they kept getting stuck in my cardigan and on Stephens legs. It was a ton of fun searching for those perfect pumpkins and gourds. I got a classic, orange pumpkin for my roommate and then I picked up a few smaller gourds to decorate my room with. I can't wait to show you guys pictures this week (yes, that's right, you'll finally get to see my room).

After leaving the farm with all our pumpkin swag, we stopped by Terhune Orchards in Princeton where I bumped into one of my old, high school friends and her girlfriend. It really is a small world and it turns out there were so many more people I knew that stopped by the farm the day after. The main reason we stopped by Terhune is because I wanted to get my hands on my first ever apple cider donut. I bought a bag of six and almost devoured them all before deciding to save some for my roommates.

Being back in New Jersey for the day and seeing all the beautiful fall foliage just reminds that I'll alway be a Jersey girl at heart. I love living in New York City but I don't think I'll ever consider myself a true New Yorker. My heart doesn't drop in New York like it does in Jersey. 


  1. Oh Jen, you always
    seems to have the
    best location for
    photoshoots c:
    Another great post
    and brilliant


  2. your shoes are so cute though! i tend to wear wedges/heels to things sometimes then realize how silly that might have been. i try and remember spare shoes or to wear my keds now.and i adore that cardigan/skirt combo - the colors are beautiful. and the pumpkin patch is so pretty - i wanna go!

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails // current giveaway

  3. That was such a fun day! Awesome pictures must have had a great photographer ;) haha

  4. Aw that looks like so much fun!! I was telling N the other day how I'd love to go to a pumpkin patch again... darn you school *insert fist shake here*

    Anyway, I'm glad you're having oodles of fun (like you deserve). Here's to a good week! xo

  5. We are LOVING the mustard yellow and oxblood red combo. Our two favorites of the season, and they work so well together.

  6. Aw this sounds like such an amazing day! I've never been to a pumpkin patch OR had an apple cider doughnut; I'm so jealous! I must try it out for myself now! And I love these photos, that first one is so lovely. x

  7. ahh pumpkins! love these pictures. especially the one with those pokey things stuck to your sweater. so cute :)

  8. You look beautiful!

    I wore my new Steve Madden wedges to the beach which ended up turning into a rocky shore hike!

    You don't look ridiculous, you look lovely. :)

    My Painted Bird

  9. Love this outfit, the colors are perfect for pumpkin picking! And those stupid pricklies, ha ha...I hate those

  10. pretty outfit. and love the pictures. :)
    Irene Wibowo

  11. I love the pictures of you in the corn. They are stunning.

    And this is the perfect way to spend a weekend. I love it.

  12. haha of COURSE i´ll take TONS of pictures at the parade :) I looooved these photo series btw -- you are so cute!


  13. This looks fun! :)

  14. amazing photos! wow! :)) and super fabulous outfit too!

    visit my blog?
    xoxo. :3

  15. Darling post - I really adore your photos, they are lovely. I really feel like I was in the pumpkin patch too! Cute outfit!


  16. such great photos jen!
    can you believe i have NEVER picked my own pumpkin? i see the patches everywhere here in PA...but, have yet to go. you would think after 31 years i would have done this by now.

  17. these pictures are gorgeous, Jen! I'm so jealous of your autumn-y adventures! I've never been pumpkin picking either, and that haunted hay ride sounds AWESOME.
    hopefully next year I will be able to do some of these same things.;)
    I have a friend from Jersey and he's always trying to get us to move there instead of Brooklyn! Jersey sounds awesome.

  18. hey lovely! love thiss!!! thanks so much for stopping by my blog btw! now following u..hope you follow back!


  19. I've never been pumpkin picking before. It looks like so much fun. Your outfit is really cute btw even if the wedges weren't ideal for walking through the field :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves
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  20. Amazing photos!!
    Following you dear, hope you'll have time to visit my blog and maybe follow me too :)

    Kisses ♥

  21. You look so cute for picking pumpkins! Love the purple/mustard color combo. Great pics!

  22. I want to pick a pumpkin! This looks so fun, I love that you did it in such a cute outfit :)

  23. That's probably one of the cutest pumpkin picking outfits I've ever seen! I can't believe you'd never been to a pumpkin patch but I'm glad you got to do it :) Those apple cider doughnuts sound amazing too, I would have had a hard time not eating them all! Thanks for visiting and commenting my blog!


  24. Wow, what a gorgeous location! These are so perfectly fall as is your outfit!

  25. thanks so much for stopping by and for your sweet comment :) you have such a beautiful blog. i love these pumpkin patch pictures, especially the ones in the corn stalks!! so fun :) glad you had a lovely time

  26. Love these photos Jen (as always)! :) I've never been pumpkin picking either (or apple picking or picking anything other than clothes and groceries hahaha). I love this outfit! It's so perfect for Fall with all the Fall colors and I love that it's made up of all pieces we've seen before :) I wore maroon in today's post and I think I will need to wear a mustard cardigan with my maroon dress next time! Miss you so much <3

  27. adore your wedges! cannot believe it took so long for your first foray in the pumpkin fields, but glad to hear you took the plunge!

  28. Oh goodness, this post makes me so happy! I love that you and I had some country adventures in the same weekend :) And I can hardly believe that this was your first pumpkin picking/hayride/cider donut experience! It's never truly fall until that happens.

    Even though it sounds like your wedges gave you some grief, they're simply adorable :) I'm so glad you had fun (and picked up "pumpkin swag"- that made me giggle!), and I'm excited to see your room.

    Pumpkin hugs!

  29. Cute photos! Loving your top and cardi!



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