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What I'm Craving: Fall Umbrellas

When I got into the elevator this morning, I had a lovely conversation with the maintenance man. He looks over at me and goes, "No Umbrella?". I'm not one for checking the weather (or dressing appropriately for the weather), so I told him I'd be fine - after all it was only drizzling. My walk to the subway was manageable, and so was the ride, but right when I got out near my office it was legitimately pouring rain. By the time I ran a block to my office, it looked like I just got out of a shower with my clothes on. Moral of the story? Always listen to your maintenance man. 

Great story, right? I'll tell it again. No but seriously, this story made me suddenly crave umbrellas of all kinds. I currently have a bright yellow, patterned umbrella which obnoxiously brightens up any rainy day (including everyone else's rainy day). I'm loving these other picks though:

The YMC Navajo-Inspired Printed Umbrella kind of screams "I'm a Hipster!" and my dream umbrella will always be a classic shade of black with a wooden handle, like the Barneys New York Umbrella
I've always wanted one of those clear umbrellas, like the Un-teal the Clouds Clear Umbrella and COME ON, how you can resist the Panda-monium Umbrella?


  1. Living in Vancouver (affectionally called Raincouver), I know what you mean. Even on those days where it's JUST DRIZZLING... the next thing you know.. :( Always have a jacket with a hood on JUST IN CASE. Plus umbrellas are so unreliable, I always have mine blown inside out. Sucks.

    P.S. I've always wanted one of those clear ones... they seem too awesome.

  2. I'm going to have to go with the clear umbrella. Classic old lady perfection.

    My Painted Bird

  3. I have the transparent one but in green, and i'm craving too much for the first one! Amazing find!


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  4. I actually have that third umbrella (except without the yellow parts--it's just clear!). Umbrellas are fun, and at least now you know to listen to your maintenance man. :) THEY ARE WISE.

  5. perfect post for the rainy weather we've been having here..

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  6. Aw I love these! I remember I had a hardcore crush on Modcloth's fish umbrella for AGES and finally got it this summer...only to have a two month drought! Oh well :] Can't wait to see one of these show up on the blog!

  7. aww, that panda umbrella is sooooo cute~ I love clear umbrellas too -- they're quite chick i think.

    Also.... as a halloween enthusiasts... i loved the halloween costumes below!


  8. i need those umbrellas in my life ^^

  9. love this umbrella and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  10. once you live in northern Scotland you learn to never, ever leave your house without your umbrella.
    seriously, mine's pretty worn out! haha. I'd love that adorable clear /yellow trim one as a replacement!

  11. I don't like a dark offset umbrella because it gets hot and re-radiates the warm into the colour under it. I use a white-colored ripstop plastic cpe to prevent the sun and indicate much of it - having up the fabric reveals that it is largely weaved enough to prevent more mild.

  12. Hi, I have a plain white umbrella and I want to paint some designs on it to make it funky. Plz suggest some tips and designs and also let me know is fabric paint is good for painting umbrellas?

  13. It is an umbrella for all inclement weather conditions not just rain

  14. My United states buddies informed me starting offset umbrella inside delivers bad fortune. Is that true? Where does that come from?


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