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Ever since I moved to New York City over a month ago, the majority of my weekends have been packed with things to do and nights out on the town. Checking over my bank account, I'm starting to think that weekends spent home aren't too bad either and definitely much more affordable. Yesterday, I decided to reserve all of Saturday to myself and only myself. After running a few errands in midtown, I headed back to my area of East Harlem and I ventured across the East River to Ward's Island to see if I could find a secluded spot to take self-portraits.

Levi's Denim Jacket (similar)
c/o Blowfish Shoes Boots (similar)
H&M Belt
HUE Tights

I ended up walking to the edge of the East River and I awkwardly made my way down the rocks that lined the island. I'm pretty sure if there were any people I would have given them quite the show. But climbing down those rocks made me discover my own New York City sanctuary. Living in New York City, it's really hard to find any peace and quiet - there's always the hustle and bustle of the city in the background no matter where you are. But sitting there, on those rocks, completely isolated from everyone else, I felt like I truly found a place of my own in this crazy city. I'm sure I'm not the first person to wander down to this area, but it felt like I was at that very moment and I cherished every second of it. 

Before I moved to the city, I never thought I would be able to remove myself from all the people, the skyscrapers, the noise...but it turns out there are always small places to escape to if you just look for them. And to think, this is all in my own backyard. I'm pretty darn lucky. 


  1. super cute! l love it! <3


  2. amazing pictures :)


  3. I love it when you take your own pictures Jen! You're just so good at it! That photo of you sitting, looking at the bridge is just amazing! This outfit is so perfect for Fall! It's funny 'cause yesterday I tried on my denim jacket yesterday to try and plan an outfit for the week, but then I realized that this week it's gonna 80-something degrees and I just put it back. Ugh. I seriously just need to visit you soon!

  4. These are incredible. And it is wonderful to have your own sanctuary in the city. This is probably why I love living by the ocean so much. There are so many places to choose for a peaceful moment or two.

  5. I think the biggest thing I learned in my relationship with Niklaas was that time alone is SO important. And in my next relationship, I'll definitely be taking that lesson to heart. Whether you're in one or not, time alone is invaluable. I love alone time these days.

    You are so gorgeous. And these pictures are gorgeous. Tripod!? WOW. What skillz!

  6. This dress is totally amazing. Love the red, the dots, the cozy knit...perfect for fall! And your jacket is adorable layered on top :)

    <3 Cambria

  7. Gorgeous photos! such a good thought too - sometimes we need time alone to recollect ourselves and understand what's really important. Believe me, I'm coming to terms with the same thing! :]

  8. Awwwe, Jen, that's so lovely that you were able to find a little bit of solace in such a place... it's important to spend time with yourself, you know! :) (I know I do it more than I should, I'm kind of an introvert, but hey, even introverts need social now and then, just as you need your quiet time!).

    So yeah, this is a neat little place you found. The light in these pictures is simply gorgeous! I adore your skinny belt and the pretty print on your dress. <3 you're always too cuuuuute.

  9. These pictures are beautiful! And it's nice sometimes just to be alone away from everyone else to ponder. Love the dress been looking for something similar for so long!!

  10. This is beautiful! The location, the outfit (!!), the amazing photos! How wonderful for you to find a little "Jen Zen!" So amazing. I hope NYC continues to treat you well and surprise you in the most exciting ways! <3

  11. these photographs are so amazing, as is the location! you have the best photography!

    thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, it was so sweet dear!

    lindsey louise


  12. amazing photos!!!really!!!

    p.s. let us know if you would like to follow each other



  13. I like this outfit with the jean jacket. They are so versatile!


  14. What a beautiful spot! These photos came out so great!
    (and as for your post above, I feel the same way sometimes!)

  15. This is SUCH a cute look! Love the polka dots, boots and denim jacket :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  16. You give me hope for my city life I hope to have in the next year. I love having my alone time and seclusion, and I always worry I wouldn't find it in a city like New York, but you've shown me! thanks!

    And you're gorgeous btw. Don't be so hard on yourself. This YOUR blog and we all wanna see that pretty face!

  17. When I lived in the city, I found sitting in parts of Central Park to be extremely quiet and peaceful. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm following now!

    The Tiny Heart
    Bubble Necklace Giveaway!

  18. i cant imagine moving to new york - but it seems so awesome through your eyes. it's great that you were able to get away from it - this location is just downright perfect. and i love this outfit - the jean jacket, the polka dots, love it all.

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  19. I am actually considering moving to New York for grad school and I won't doubt that I'd feel the same way. I love your outfit and keep your head up!


  20. oh my god i absolutely LOVE this. a denim jacket over a red polka dot dress is gorgeous. and your little quite nook really is gorgeous- you're so lucky you live in NY :D

  21. These pictures are stunning. You're so incredibly talented!

  22. Really cute dress, I love how you combined it :)

  23. Really nice pictures and your dress is so cute!
    You got a nice blog, girl!

  24. Love the polka dots. :) Cute outfit! And it looks like a great place to go and think..

    xo - Sheila


  25. I love these pics! I can't believe you take these yourself. Do you use a remote?! I love your blog and the message in this post :)

    Everything but Ordinary

  26. Hey hey Jen! Totally love the polka dot dress and boots combo. Seriously, I can't believe that you're rocking your dream of living in NYC and doing what you want. I can't wait until I'm done with school and am able to do the same. Sigh, until then, I'll just follow you around and see what cool adventures you'll embark on.


    P.S. Thank you so so much for visiting my blog, hopefully I'll see ya back soon :)


  27. These photographs are so stunning! I love your dress it looks great with the boots!

  28. gorgeous pictures! the sunlight is so beautiful. I am so glad you found a special place to escape. places like that are so incredibly important to me, as well. especially when you're living in such a big city.

    Moments of Eternity

  29. Great pictures!

    I think I can relate to you, though I still live at home with my parents, I don't think I would like it if I were to live in big city. I would like a smaller city and then a bit on the outskirts of it, not too quiet, not too busy either! :]


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