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I Know It'll Have to Drown Me

ASOS Crop Top (similar), 
Dress c/o Sammydress (similar)
HUE Oliver Tights 
American Rag Coat (similar)
Urban Outfitters Necklace
Ann Marino Bow Heels (similar)

Yes. I'm wearing heels on the edge of a bunch of unstable rocks next to a waterfall. Am I crazy? A little bit. Did I fall? Luckily, no. Before we went back to our new homes in New York City and Philadelphia, Kirsten and I met up in our hometown to go on a photo adventure. I didn't know where we were going when I put on my heels, so when Kirsten parked in front of a hiking trail I smacked my hands to my head. Due to the ample amount of leaves and the bitter cold, it was hard to tell if the next step you took would be slippery or rocky. Embracing my inner Pocahontas,  I took off my heels and took on the steep trail in tight-covered feet. I like to think that makes me a badass. In the end it was all worth it. I mean, come on...look at that waterfall! I'm definitely making another trip back in the warmer weather to have a rocky picnic.


  1. Well impressed that you clambered about on rocks in your tights, haha! I would be wayyy too much of a pussy to do it. The photos turned out so well though, and I LOVE that dress and crop top together! Wahhgh. <3

  2. You are brave woman!! The photos are really great though!

  3. Those heels are rocking!! I would so not have gone climbing on the rocks haha, so I commend you! in heels AND tights. I rip my tights just by going to school and sitting in chairs all day...i can't imagine how awful I'd be on climbing rocks! Also, love the crop top over that dress. Overall an AWESOME outfit and such great photos too! Glad you and Kirsten fit in one final excursion before heading back to the cities :)
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  4. Love it! Your skirt is beautiful and mixing dots and stripes is always a great choice!

    -Coreena x

  5. Gorgeous! Love the landscape too. :)

  6. Haha this is hilarious. But you look so cute. I've been looking forward to this post ever since I saw the photo of those heels on twitter (or was it facebook). Anyway, you did not disappoint and neither did the landscape.

  7. from a photo stand point: well played, pocahontas! flippin' gorgeous.

    those shoes are amazing! (love the necklace as well).

  8. Super cute outfit! I love your silly pose - looks like you are havin so much fun :)


  9. hahha!! loving the risky shots!! all for the love of the blog, eh?

    loving the gray tights.. such a great alternative to black. :D it's more muted, subtle, lovely! :D

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  10. Seriously, what a lovely outfit and beautiful fall scenery! These are gorgeous photos! Gorgeous!

  11. gorgeous photos! it was worth the trek for sure ^^

  12. Nice looking girl stock photos and images.I am going to share this picture to tumblr.

  13. A badass Pocahontas indeed! Love the heels, they're flirty and fun without going overboard with the bows :)


  14. Haha, girl that is commitment right there! I love it. I once took a pair of heeled boots with me on a hike just so I could get some photos in nature too. Its the best ;)
    Love the stripes and polka dot mix going on - so pretty!

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  15. so brave! Im so glad you didnt fall and i love your shoes!


  16. wow Jen, these shots are phenomenal! you look sooo high up there, i hope the wind was still at least - i'm super scared of heights and edges of cliffs ; ) not sure if i could be so brave but i adore seeing your fab photos and that outfit is darling!!! the stripes/polka dot mix is a union i love so well.

    you're def a badass lades, rockin' the climb the whole way through! i second the picnic idea, such a romantic long as cushions are involved next time - baha! cheers and thanks again for stopping by. ♥

  17. Great look!

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  18. Those shoes! Oh my gosh those shoes. The waterfall danger involved is totally worth it because those are seriously amazing. ha I am impressed that you didn't fall though! I can't even not fall on stable ground when I'm wearing heels so I'm definitely impressed.

  19. That first picture--GURL DEM LEGS, HAAAY. Can I holler?

    Just kidding, hollering is rude, so I'mma just tell you that you look lovely lovely~ I love how you matched your shoes to your tights and kept the pattern mixing so lovely. I really like this outfit so much, Jen! And those shoes are probably the cutest shoes I've seen in a while... the little bows are adorable!

    I'm glad you were able to not fall on any rocks. We don't need a broken Jen!

  20. thats amazing!! cant believe ur sitting by a waterfall and loving your red skirt xx

  21. Wow what stunning photographs! You look so gorgeous!

  22. Amazing pics. Seriously consider a career in modeling!

  23. love these pics!


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