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Snippets of My Election Day Morning

H&M Cardigan (similar)
Love Culture Leopard Print Tank (similar)
Forever 21 Jeans
Rocket Dog Boots (similar)

I took these pictures before I left for work this morning while I was still Skyping with Jeremy. I'm sure he found the entire process very amusing (aka boring). But in other news, it's election day (as if your Facebook newsfeed wasn't already polluted with "I voted!" statuses)! I sent in my NJ absentee ballot last week and I hope everyone is voting if they're able to. Go out there and vote!

Facebook actually has an awesome live map of Facebook users clicking the Vote button! Can't wait to see what it looks like by the end of the day. Oh, technology. You are a beautiful thing. :)


  1. I love your sweater! And I hadn't heard of that Facebook app, but that's really neat. I bet it will look awesome at the end of the day!

  2. Cute leopard top and
    nice boots c:


  3. Um, that second picture of you is gorgeous. Can you say sexy sleepy model face? :D Kay, I'm done creepin!

    I really love the white against the leopard print. And these pictures are so soft and lovely. A rather interesting way to take outfit pictures, but I really like it, Jen! <3

    I voted, too, yeah! :) Good for you!

  4. cute stuff cute girl (:

    xxx much love! have a nice evening :)
    share the feeling
    visit <3

  5. love the detail shots!
    Yes, yay for voting! =)

  6. oooh! i have the same cardigan, but in tan :)

  7. Elbow patches!
    I like those boots too. Maybe I should get a matching pair. Yes yes

  8. Love the photos! Yay for voting!! (: If only I turned 18 a couple months sooner, I would've voted today! ): now I have to wait another 4 years.


  9. I love those boots!

  10. Loving these shots, you're so stunning! And congrats to Ombama woot! :D

  11. Great outfit! I want to see more!!!! :)

  12. Pretty photos and super cool inspiration!

    xo, Sandra @ Blasfemmes

  13. You are my official fashion guru from now on! Thank you for hosting the blowfish shoes giveaway. I would have never discovered this if not for that!

  14. your photos are so lovely <3

    xx, james

  15. Aw, hey thanks :) black skinnies really are hard to find--surprisingly, right? I hate it when you need them for the purpose of lasting forever, but they fade or they don't quite fit right, or the ends start to flare a bit after one too many washes. Anyway, I hope you find the right ones for you-- James Jeans is really my favorite at the moment.

  16. Love the outfit! It must have been neat to be in the city for election day. I heard there was a big map of the US to track the electoral votes near 30 Roc.

  17. You're looking beautiful! Such a gorgeous outfit.

  18. I'm a sucker for elbow patches, and I love how you pulled them off here! Your eyeshadow is stunning as well- I literally said "oh!" when I saw the 2nd photo, and now people on the bus are looking at me funny. I'm not ashamed, though :)


  19. i did absentee too! and i love those boots and this cozy outfit


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