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The World Smiles in the Same Language

American Rag Coat (similar)
Forever 21 Scarf
H&M Sweater
Gap Ankle Jeans
c/o Pink and Pepper Ruffle Loafers

These pictures were taken outside the public school that's smack dab in the middle of my apartment complex. Passing by this mural always makes me smile but I had no idea what the spanish phrase in blue meant until recently (my post title). I always feel like a dork in my glasses but I decided to give my eyes a break from my contacts for once. There's nothing wrong with embracing your inner dork. Speaking of which, Star Wars VII? What? Disney?

I feel like October just flew by and November smacked me in the face out of nowhere. This might be because it seems like we skipped over Halloween, thanks to Hurricane Sandy, which usually marks the end of October. Now my mental calendar is just utterly confused as my Halloween costume sits in my closet, looking a little depressed. But with all the Hurricane Sandy aftermath, there really isn't that much room to be upset about something as silly as Halloween. Oh well! November has always been one of my favorite months anyway, so bring on the colder weather and turkey! :)


  1. LOVE the title of this post. so true!!!! also really love your yellow scarf :) so cheery and lovely

  2. Ahhh Disney. They better not botch it up or Imma gunna throw DOWN!

  3. what a lovely outfit :)

  4. great look! adore your shoes!
    love your blog!
    following you now & would love if you checked mine out and followed if you liked!

  5. Ahh your scarf matches your backdrop! Love it! And you look so cool in glasses, everyone looks cool in glasses, it's a fact. But srsly you've got the chic professor look happening here and I approve. x

  6. I love how the color of your outfit compliments the background! I like your pants :D

  7. Love the post title! Classic outfit too x

  8. This whole year had slipped by! I can't believe its already november!

  9. You look fabulous! I love the flats and the green pants. Cute blog, now following :)

    xo Jenny

  10. im forever in love with your smoking slippers. its too bad they don't look good on me. i have yet to find a good design or pattern that looks fine with my feet. hahaha!

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  11. Awe, Jen! I'm sorry that you missed out a bit on November from the storm--but you're right, it's just important that you're safe!

    I love love the background of these pictures. So bright and happy, eee! And slightly Halloween-y, perhaps? ;) heheh. That scarf is so fun!

  12. Omgsh, this is so cute!! I love the entire outfit, especially the shoes. And that background goes perfectly with your blog's design! So cute!


  13. I love everything about this outfit. I feel like Octobre went by so fast. I just cannot believe it is Novembre!

    My Painted Bird

  14. Loving how the color scheme matches with the background! xx

  15. love everything on this look! especially the simple leather bag :)

  16. love the stylee. flw us

  17. The green pants that I love! Your optimism has certainly cheered me this week.

  18. lovely!
    Thanks for your visit girl

    SUre let's follow each other.

    I followed you now. Let me know when you follow me bCK :)

  19. You look so sweet in glasses! You can definitely pull them off, and I fully support you doing this often :) I have a pair that I got before starting college (so, 9 years ago?! Wow, I'm old), and I never wear them in public. You're so cute in yours, though, that I'm feeling inspired!

    Perhaps you will convince me to wear glasses the way I convinced you to try sequins ;)



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