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The Time I Pretended It Was Bare Legs Weather

So before you ask me, the answer is yes. I was cold. But what's worse than taking outfit pictures in the cold? Taking self-portraits in the cold. Constantly running back to the camera after every shot, catching the camera before the bitter wind knocks down the tripod, and manually focusing for each location change - it's pretty tough. And also pretty silly. But all in all, no matter how close my fingers come to falling off, it's always therapeutic to take self-portraits and really have more control over how my pictures turn out.

c/o Tulle Stand Collar Toggle Coat
ASOS Cropped Sweater (similar)
c/o Lulu*s RVCA Charming Dress
Aldo Black Wedges (similar)
Urban Outfitters & Forever 21 Rings

It's really nice being back in New York City after having been trapped in New Jersey with no power for a week. The city is slowly picking up all the pieces as one united community and it's so heart warming to see all these volunteers come out. A bunch of my friends from home are also driving down to south Jersey to lend a hand to those who have lost their homes and to beaches that need to be cleaned. I know I'll be searching for volunteer or donation opportunities as well. If you guys are interested in donating from afar, be sure to check out Red Cross. :)


  1. Ahh, taking self-portraits in the wind is always tough. But you look great, and that's great to hear about the city coming together to help out. The same has happened around my town too.


  2. You're such a determined lil Jen out there, taking pictures in the cold! These turned out so super nice, and I can definitely sense the coldness.

    YOU ALWAYS LOOK SO GOOD IN GREEN. Seriously, I think it might be your color. Especially that dark forest green. I love it on you! <3

    PS) omg clean ear buddies *high fives ye* BUT YEAH isn't it the best feeling? omg

  3. Love that outfit! & your blog...
    Would you like to follow each other?
    Hope to hear from you soon
    Ally O

  4. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous. Really love the dress paired with the jacket. Keep up with the self-portraits!


  5. So darn cute and I just pinned it so I could remember it and try to do my own version someday! :)

  6. Anything for good pictures!;) I could stand a little cold if i was wearing a dress.

  7. Been reading your blog for a while and I had to comment this time. I LOVE your skirt!! It's so pretty =)

  8. Gorgeous shots! And I love your skirt <3

  9. hi cutie pie~ Love the white and green combo! Very fall-y


  10. Such an adorable outfit! You are so brave! I don't think I could wear a dress on cold days!

  11. love the coat and skirt so muchh <33 amazing look!


  12. I did this one time last year, but never again! When I came home I made a hot cup of soup and crawled up in a fleece blanket, haha.

    I love this outfit though! The lace skirt is super pretty :) x

  13. bwahah! I keep doing the same thing! But I mostly keep telling myself: I only have to be outfit for 5 seconds before I'm in my car.....When will we learn :P


  14. I take my own pictures too--It really is better. I get so self-concious when someone is taking my pictures haha :) And I'm still going barelegged, and I'm from Jersey.! ITS DAMN COLD! Anyways, thank god you stayed safe during Sandy! it was such a bad storm and the aftermath is horrible-but on the positive side, it's nice to see everyone working together and helping each other out :)

  15. great dress :)

  16. Brrrr! At least you look absolutely adorable. x

    <3 Melissa

  17. That stack of rings is lovely. I admire your determination at taking photos in the cold. You rock.

  18. Wow yes you must be very cold! Ha ha. I am in love with that coat as well!

    It's going to be strange for me to go back to work in the city on Tuesday after not being in for a whole week, and it's scary to think that some parts of the Jersey shore will never be the same

  19. Beautiful photos. They turned out great on your own and in the cold/wind.

    xo Jenny

  20. Love your photos, Jen! You have such an amazing eye for good shots. Despite the cold :)

  21. When a girl has legs as fabulous as yours, every day should be bare-legged :--)


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