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Your Boldness Stands Alone Among the Wreck

Forever 21 Sweater (similar)
H&M Burgundy Jeans (similar)
Scarf via Monisha
Ruffle Loafers c/o Pink and Pepper

No, that's not my bike.

Yes, I wish it was.

I tend to keep my outfits pretty casual and cozy during the work week. It's not that comfortable sitting at a desk in belted skirts and heels, contrary to what many bloggers out there want us to believe. ;) I'm so glad it's Friday though and I'm ready to have a fun and relaxing weekend in the city! I keep forgetting that next week is only a three-day work week. Even though I'll still be working on Thanksgiving, I'll be able to work from home and be surrounded by my family and home cooking. Not too bad, if I do say so myself. Things could be much worse. :)


  1. Hi Jen! I agree with you so much! In everything we do, a casual outfit is the best look that we can be comfy in. Heels and ultra stylized looks are just usually for show :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  2. Well, I wear 10cm heels to work, they make me feel slimmer and feminine! But I love casual style as well! Your cardigan is gorgeous!

  3. That's a cute pair! :)

  4. i love this outfit! Grey and red go so well together I think. So cozy and fashionable!


  5. Looks like a great saturday afternoon outfit! Shopping/thrifting, etc

  6. This is the style I yearn to strive for...casual yet eye catching and enjoyable to look at! Love the colored skinnies and metallic scarf :D

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    Trendy Teal

  7. LOVE that scarf and the colored skinnies together! Maroon skinnies are for sure on my wishlist :)

  8. great pictures :)

  9. how do you choose what lyrics you use? is it just whatever you are listening to at the moment? or do the songs ever somehow inform your outfit-making? i love when i can identify the lyrics ^_^

    this outfit is great. that sweater looks so comfy/cosy! and i think it might be time to seek out some burgundy pants!


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