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Your Time Will Come If You Wait For It

Gap Jacket (similar)
Forever 21 Blouse (similar)
Urban Outfitters Skirt (similar)
India Boots c/o Blowfish Shoes

Happy Black Friday! I told myself I wouldn't give into the urge to wait in hour-long lines this year just to save a few dollars on things I didn't need. I also didn't listen to myself when I was saying all of that nonsense. I dragged my friend, Jim, on a 1:30 AM adventure to the nearest Urban Outfitters and then proceeded to bury myself in their sale section. Ultimately, I left with three tops and a necklace for under $50, including a shirt to wear out on my birthday next week, which was my goal to begin with. Now I'm back on my strict no-clothing budget. Did any of you guys rampage the stores early in the morning?

Tonight my mom, my brother, and I are going to have a belated Thanksgiving feast consisting of a delicious hot pot. This is how we usually celebrate bigger holidays, including Christmas and birthdays. Unfortunately, this year my dad is abroad during the holidays so it'll be a little lonely with one empty chair. Guess we'll just have to fill it with more food. ;)


  1. you are seriously too adorable :>

  2. Loving this outfit! And the only shopping I did today was to get our family Christmas tree :) I've been checking out online sales but there isn't much

  3. Leaving UO with more than one thing under $50 is quite the feat, Jen! Impressed of your skills, I am. :) Hehehe, I'm glad you got some neat things! I didn't really go anywhere today--we stayed at home and decorated, hooray! Though we did have a Starbucks break for some tea, yum yum <3

    Those booties are cute and I love those last two pictures especially. Such pretty fall colors!

    PS) Skyfall was AWESOME. Of course it was, though. :) You definitely need to see it! It was long at two and a half hours, but it definitely kept your attention!

  4. So we don't have black friday in Canada but I went shopping today just in case and scored some magnificent deals that would rival Black Friday.

    I also have a no clothing budget which I am usually pretty good at sticking to but some weeks require shopping.

    Also these photos are beautiful. I love the lighting and the focus in the last photo. Stunning.

  5. Fun look, I like how your mixed your patterns and of course love your boots.


  6. cute skirt.. :) i love how you mix and match. so pretty on you :)
    Irene Wibowo

  7. polka mixing in different color! oh you look so stunning! love how you tamed all the dots with your perfect parka jacket :)

  8. nice outfit & great blog!
    hope you have a nice Thanksgiving dinner :)

  9. I totally love that you're wearing polka dots with polka dots! AND AW MAN i wish that gap jacket was still for sale! It looks fabulous on you. I'll have to check out the similar though. Sorry your dad won't be there this year :( Have a nice dinner anyways!
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  10. Love your outfit and thanks for your comment on my blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin and gfc???

  11. My dear, your blog is splendid.
    I don't know that there's much else to say.
    Your blog design? impeccable.
    Your photography? flawless.
    You and your style? spot on.
    I love it all :)

    Even though you weren't going to give into all the black friday madness, I'm still glad you came out with some great stuff!

    tiana of l'esthetique

  12. Jeez woman! Give the rest of us bloggers a chance! You're too gorgeous for your own good :) Love these photos and the outfit! Polka dot on polka dot? Ahh! I bought a purse and a wallet from Michael Kors. And that's it. Well that was a lot, but...yeah. I can't wait to see what you got from UO! :)

  13. Happy Thanksgiving! I shopped an online sale at Modcloth and got myself a super adorable coat, and went to best buy at midnight and got a new tv. I am pretty much spent on shopping for the weekend now, lol.

  14. Gahhh I love the song lyrics you use!! And your shoes are super cute :)

  15. Thanks for checking out my blog (:
    I love your outfit here, especially the skirt!!
    I'm following you now, hope you follow baack :D xx

  16. Thanks for the comment on my blog!! Very cute outfit and great job scoring all that at UO for under $50! I personally didn't venture out for black Friday since I was working *sob*. People are absolutely crazy on black Friday and we were all practically sobbing by the end of the night getting the store to look even semi-normal again haha...


  17. i love screen and lighting in your foto, atractife

  18. Lovely! And really cute boots <3

  19. That's a really lovely outfit of polka dots on polka dots! I'm glad you got to buy something on black Friday that was on sale! I'm looking forward to see those items on the blog! Have a great weekend!


  20. What a cute nd simple outfit, suits you well! Glad you found what you were looking for in the stores! Can't wait to see ;)

  21. Love the mix of polka dots and your boots! These pictures (and the outfit) are just lovely ;)
    And haha, my bff and I raided the stores as well, but we couldn't manage to drag ourselves out of bed till around 6 AM. Next year we're going to try going around 1ish though since we've never experienced that!

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  22. Your photos are super!
    What can I say? I think it's hard to keep yourself far away from Black Friday sell)
    Thanks God, we don't have it)
    kisses from Istanbul)

  23. absolutely beautiful! the pictures, your style, everything.
    following now :)

  24. Jen! You are looking good on side-pose picture! (am not sure that you know what I mean or not, just like this :P)
    And the outfit looks cute, I love the dots pattern and your outer <3

    Love love from me!

  25. Will it really? I hope so, I have been waiting a long time...

    Love the photos, not sure why they make me think of The Wizard of Oz.

    Ali of:

  26. polka dots plus more polka dots equals great!

    i like seeing all the different ways you wear the star of david necklace.

    all while i was growing up, i really wished i had really straight hair... i am still jealous of girls who can put their hair in a ponytail, and their ponytail isn't shaped like a triangle... nobody is happy with what they are given, eh?

  27. mmm i didnt know what hot pot was but that sounds amazing in the wiki! Love your look here, so simple yet classic and that field is so dreamy! hope you had a wondeful thanksgiving w/ family!

  28. JEN YOU ARE TOO PERFECT. No really, the double polka dots are just the best. I'm in love. You look radiant. I'm in love with this entire outfit right down to your jacket and shoes.


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