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Pumpkin Squares Recipe

So in my Thanksgiving potluck post, I mentioned that I brought in some delicious pumpkin squares to my office as my contribution to the epic feast. My roommate, Rob, is obsessed with everything and all things pumpkin when the fall rolls around and I'm pretty sure it rubs off on me. I can't help but share in his obsession when I open the fridge to find pumpkin beers, pumpkin butter, and pumpkin pie. There's just too much pumpkin to handle! That's why I knew I had to try out my friend's recipe for these Pumpkin Squares. It was love at first sight. If you guys are looking for a deliciously easy treat to make for an upcoming holiday party, I highly recommend these. They're little bits of heaven and they're not overly sweet (so your family will fawn over them without feeling guilty). Let me know if you guys try out the recipe! :)

Recipe via Feeding my Folks


  1. Those look yummy!

  2. Desserts that won't make me feel as guilty are always a win in my book. They look crumbly and delicious! :D

  3. my husband loves pumpkin squares! i think i'll make these too

  4. Yummers! Great take on pumpkin treats for Thanksgiving. I feel like you could have these anytime of the year :)


  5. Oh my! It looks very delicious, I can eat all three of them in one bite! Craving now ~~

  6. Goodness, this looks too delicious!

  7. These are so adorable! They look delicious.

    <3 Melissa

  8. mmmm yum! looks SO good! and i LOVE that mugggg so cute

    <3 katherine
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