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Union Square Holiday Market

American Rag Coat
Forever 21 Mustard Sweater (similar)
H&M Skirt (similar)
ASOS Tights
Aldo Wedges (similar)

It's officially December! Time really has flown by insanely fast, especially living in New York City and having a full-time job. I rarely have a minute to breathe but lately I've been loving the city life more and more. Last night I celebrated my birthday which, honestly, was a hot mess night. It was incredibly fun though and so many of my friends were able to make it out, including people I haven't seen for months. Although I don't remember half of the night, or half of the people who showed up, it was just amazing being surrounded people I love. I'm really, insanely lucky. I made my friends use the hashtag #jensragefest on Instagram if you guys want to see any snapshots from the night. ;)

The morning after, I rounded up a few of my friends to grab brunch and recover with mimosas. It was definitely a slow morning since we were all in recovery mode and since I was also trying to piece together my night. Two of my best friends since middle school decided to stay for the rest of the weekend so we're going to have a girl's night today to celebrate. We grabbed dinner earlier with two more friends and celebrated my blog's 3-year anniversary. I can't believe I've had three year's worth of outfits on this blog, which just seems a little ridiculous to me, but it's definitely been a life-changing journey. Here's to another year of blogging! Thanks to you, my readers, for following this little blog of mine. You guys rock. :)


  1. love the outfit.. it looks fun. :)
    Irene Wibowo

  2. your outfits are always great. and don't you love asos tights??

  3. Sounds like a fun birthday! haha! Congrats on 3 years!

  4. looooooooove these photos. It sends out such warm and cozy feeling like a lot of your other photos :)

    happy 22! So young!


  5. happy bday!!! love the skirt! the color is phenomenal!

    gosh, i want to be in NYC during this month.. ok well, i want to live there too! hahaha! aaahh!! so jealous! :D

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  6. I love love Christmas market!
    You look really great c:
    It looks like you are hiding
    a super gorgeous gown underneath
    the jacket c;


  7. Oh fun! I love the market place in the holiday season <3


  8. Glad your birthday rocked! This market looks wonderful and I wish I could visit New York before Christmas. It sounds like the most magical place in the world. You look stunning of course and I love those tights! I'm on a tights kick, as you know.

  9. Oh, hey~ you totally match the Christmas Market. How cuuute! I adore your sheer tights and the color of that skirt, Miss Jen. And your pictures are all so bright and colorful. :)

    3 years, my my! The time has flown indeed, and I have been lucky to be able to meet such a wonderful and sweet person as yourself (I've still got that keychain and picture you sent me hanging up on my corkboard, ehehe <3). Here's to more lovely years of you bloggin! <33333

    Have I put enough hearts in this post yet?

  10. love your skirt! and happy blog anniversary! :-) x

  11. Happy belated birthday! It sounds like a super fun party; the best parties are the ones you barely remember (or don't remember at all). And gahhh, Christmas market! So jealous, I love Christmas markets!

  12. Love the pics from the Holiday Market! I just went earlier today- it was so cute. Happy belated bday!

  13. I can't believe it's December already!!!

    Love the color combo of your skirt and top. So adorable!

  14. Loving the pop of colour underneath the black!

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    xxx Anna

  15. your instagram photos made me wanna be at your birthday bash! looks like sooo much fun! and your outfit here is so adorable - that red and yellow combo is just perfection on you. and this market looks amazing - living in new york must be so fun but also hard because you always have things to do (and buy!)

    <3 katherine

  16. This Christmas market looks amazing. I'm loving your yellow and red combo, adorable!

    xo Jenny

  17. Happy blogaversary! That's some serious dedication you've managed there :)

  18. I agree! Time has definitely flown by!
    Love this pairing of colors! =D

  19. Happy 3year anniversary, Jen!
    Gorgeous photos and location. I need to go to this market!

  20. you coudn't look any more perfect.

  21. Happy Birthday.

    Love the colors and quality of these photographs.

  22. Beautiful Jen. Loving Bright colours on you :)

  23. The red and the yellow together are stunning. There's something about winter, maybe it's the grey skies, that inspires vibrant colors and hints of sparkle. Beautiful.

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