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No Matter How Far Away

Gap Cardigan (similar)
Urban Outfitters Tank (similar)
Forever 21 Jeans, Bag
Stand Collar Coat c/o Tulle
Gabriella Rocha Abarne Booties

I haven't gone this long without updating my blog in a really long time, which honestly amazes me. I was pretty good with updating my blog pretty much every single day in October and November despite the fact that my life got so much busier. I still have no idea how I managed to update so often without driving myself insane. In the past I would update every other day or every three days during some really busy months in college. Now I'm just busting out them posts like nobody's business. However, my friend Stephen decided to remind me that I haven't posted in way too long with a lovely post on my Facebook page. Gotta love my friends.

But anyway, this is a super simple outfit I wore earlier this week. It was the morning after my insane and ridiculous birthday celebration and I couldn't bother to look any fancier as we headed to my post-birthday brunch. I proceeded to recover with plenty of mimosas and plenty of excuse-me-I'm-going-to-rest-my-pounding-head-on-the-table-next-to-my-tator-tots.


  1. I love this outfit! Especially the post!
    And yea, I don't know how I'm going to be able to update if/when I move to NYC...will be harder for me to take photos of myself without people around, ha ha...
    (and that picture your friend posted is so funny! XD)

  2. love how practical and yet chic this whole look is!! from the cool weather gear to that bag! :D

  3. Okay when I go out for hangover brunch I have eyeliner smudged all over my face and probably my pajamas on. HOW DO YOU LOOK SO GOOD HUNGOVER. :|

  4. i like that it's simple! simple and cute :)
    the earmuffs are my favorite part <3

  5. you look so lovely :) I really love your ideas and photos :)

    xoxo, Monia :)

  6. The earmuffs! They look very cute :P

  7. oofogchfffff blog updates blah~ we know you're here, so don't you worry about it too hard. ;D

    You say that you don't look super fancy but I still love everything about this--I really do think that forest green is "your color," Miss Jen. It's always so stunning on you! This reminds me of a modern day snow white--maybe it's the cute fuzzy earmuffs? :)

  8. You look so beautiful Jen. Love the Boots!

  9. Glad I could encourage you to post yesterday ;) haha
    How did you manage to look so put together hungover? One time in AC, I ran into a celebrity the morning hair was sticking up and I was literally white (forgot to take off half of my Halloween makeup). Major mess.

  10. Appreciate your consistency in updating your blog. :) Cute outfits!!

  11. The earmuffs are back! I love that you post every day but everyone needs a break once in awhile.

  12. love this look…very comfortable & cute! love how you played on the greens & grays and neutral colors! nice

  13. that shirt looks super comfy. perfect for an easy morning!

  14. such a beautiful blog girlie! let's follow each other! xx

  15. just couldn't look cuter in your cozy layers and those EARMUFFS! Too adorable :)

    <3 Cambria

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  16. cute outfit! i love how your wearing earmuffs!


    ♥ Ellen

  17. Such cute booties! Love your bag, too :)

  18. Really nice blog and especially i love this bag because this kind of bag is the very useful and comfortable to move here and there.Thanks for sharing this bags!

  19. Awwww how cute are those ear muffs!!! <3 love!


  20. Love all the layering and your boots!!! You are tooo cute! Your bloggy rocks!!!
    xox Beckerman Girls

  21. So since I've last updated my blog with a real outfit post, you've done like 5 posts...! AHHH. I need to get on it. And I think i"m going to steal this outfit from you too somehow!


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