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Stay Another Day, If That's Okay

Old Navy Black Cardigan
StyleMint One Shoulder Top
H&M Orange Skirt (similar)
Jessica Simpson Heels c/o Lulu*s
Drew Bag c/o Free Endearment

If there's anything I want you take away from this post, it's these shoes. These shoes. I can't even think of the right words to describe how much I love them. Due to my lack of bright and vibrant clothes, I'm having a pretty difficult time figuring out how to style them up. But I'm pretty sure I'm content just staring at them sitting with the rest of my shoes.

Now I'm off to enjoy a Sunday full of beautiful weather and amazing friends, both new and old. So happy with where my life is headed right now.


  1. omg!! those shoes are EPIC!!!!! wear them more!! i wanna see them all the time now. (demanding, much?) hahaha! :D

  2. So cute! Those shoes are darling with the matching skirt - I just love matchy-matchy things!

  3. Yay for life heading where you want it to! I'm glad all is just swell, Jen. :D And those shoes are SO worth obsessing over... they are so cute and colorful! It's so hard to find colorful shoes that aren't like, awful looking.

  4. Yup, these shoes are amazing c:
    Way to cold to wear it now but
    they are amazing! And so vivid
    as well!


  5. your shoes are FABULOUS! great outfit jen. but geez aren't you freezing???

  6. yesss those shoes are definitely amazing!! :)
    you look adorable as always!

    The DayLee Journal

  7. Umm I want to be in New York! You look so cute- love the colors!

  8. cute photos, dear :)

  9. OOOOO how I love the colors in this! Those heels are amazing and that skirt is just glowing! You look fabulous as always XX

  10. Bahh!!! I love that last photo - those shoes! They are amazing on you! I've been reading your posts from Turkey each time they pop up on Facebook - I was reading the first one in my car while waiting for someone! They are so full of amazing photos and you always look amazing. I love this red skirt on you - truly amazing! Hope you are having fun being home though too!

    <3 katherine

  11. You look amazing and those shoes make you look extra fine. I love that turquoise detailing!

  12. i love how you said "these shoes," because that's exactly what i was thinking as i was looking at your pictures before the post content. LOVE them!

  13. You're too elegant! The random blue (turquoise??) on the shoes is really unexpected. Such a fancy lady...imma gunna needa wear a top hat the next time I see you!

  14. Those shoes are FABULOUS, I can't even stand it. You look great, girl!


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