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The Time I Wore a Dress in Below Freezing Weather

Forever 21 Dolman Coat (similar), Denim Jacket
Love Culture Printed Dress (similar)
H&M Belt
DKNY Black Tights
Blowfish Shoes Cain Flats

Oh wait, I do that all the time.

Apparently this week is supposed to be one of the coldest weeks of the winter with temperatures reaching a high in the mid-20's and dropping to mid-10's during the mornings and nights. Just stepping outside for a couple of minutes results in bright red hands and bright red ears. I think it's time I give in and invest in some mittens and stop leaving my earmuffs at home. Oh, and I'm not laughing due to pure joy in the picture above. I'm actually laughing and crying simultaneously due to the freezing cold wind biting away at my face. That's right. These pictures resulted in tears.

But on another note, here's a huge thank you to my co-worker, Chy, for snapping these shots and bearing the cold with me while huddled in a crevice with my camera.


  1. jen i gotta give you never let the cold get in between you and your outside outfit photos. when i walked my dog at lunch time i was bundled up in so much stuff and was STILL freezing!

  2. Well you look great even if you may be crying (hard to tell!). :) looooove your jacket.

  3. I'm so impressed you took photos in that weather / wore a skirt outside! It's SO cold in Minneapolis these days and my tights are hibernating in a drawer for now. In other news, I love the pattern on this skirt!

  4. hahaha!!! cheers to both of us for donning dresses during the freezing climate!! yeah go girl! :D

  5. At least you looked super cute for the cold :)

  6. Jen, you rock! I love this outfit and that you braved the cold to show it off. I love the layered jackets and the print of the dress and everything!

  7. You are so adorably courageous for wearing a dress in the cold! When I saw the title of this post, I was saying "NO WAY would anyone be so crazy to do that" ... but wow. A true model will work in any conditions, and you braved the weather wonderfully! Hats off to you, Jen!


  8. Ha, you are like me...I was in a skirt and heels yesterday despite -13' temps! Looks like you've got lots of good layers on though...drink tea/coffee and stay warm!

    <3 Cambria

  9. You are so brave! Love everything about your outfit :)

  10. Your pretty Love Culture printed dress looks great with your DKNY black tights, Forever 21 denim jacket and Dolman coat. It's FREEZING her too! The temperature is in the teens where I am. Thanks for braving the cold for the benefit of those of us reading your blog! Chy took some lovely pics of you and your outfit.

  11. Really cool dress and nice pics!
    ...but am I the only one finding the cold refreshing? It's really nice in small doses :). That being said, I'm ready for summer and not being so pale.


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