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The Turkey Diaries: Galata Tower

During our stay in Istanbul, our hostel was only a few blocks away from Galata Tower which is one of the most prominent landmarks in the Istanbul skyline. From a distance it seems so much taller than its 200+ foot structure, mainly because the ground it was built on is already elevated 115 feet above sea-level, which lends to an incredible view of the city and the Bosphorus.

Galata Tower went through many changes and renovations throughout the years, having first being built in 1348. It was used for spotting fires, firing rockets, and now the tower is home to a restaurant, cafe, and night club. I was tempted to drag Jeremy out to the night club (because how cool would it be to bust a move in a 600+ year old building?) but then I realized it was way out of our budget.

This is the first time I actually tried to get quality, night photography shots (something I resolved to work on in 2013) and I love the way they turned out. I didn't have a tripod on hand so I trusted in my steady hands and the railing at the top of the tower. But seriously guys, check out them views. Istanbul, you take my breath away.


  1. Wonderful pictures! Everytime I see/hear the word "Istanbul", I immediately think of the song "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)" (because I had sung it during primary - elementary - school). It always makes me smile :)


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  2. i think the night skyline shots turned out amazing!! you should do it more!! especially that you live in NYC (the manhattan skyline is gorgeous at night!)

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  3. That second to last one is beautiful! Love the sky. What a cool place.

  4. I'm so impressed with the night photography. The photos turned out beautifully! And those views! So wonderful!

  5. Magical night photography is magical. The lights are so bright yet the darks are so dark. If I ever meet you one day, which will totally hopefully happen, we're going to take ALL THE PICTURES and go on photo taking adventures, k? Ya dig? :D

    That tower is so gorgeous, my goodness.

  6. Holy crack balls, Jen. These night photos are freakin' awesome. You're gunna need to show me how you did it. Also, if I ever become famous, please be my personal photographer...I can't get enough of your skillz

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  8. In the last picture of Jeremy, the shadow from his glasses makes it look like he has an evil unibrow.

    1. A lot of things have changed since you last saw me, Kirsten.


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