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Tucking Myself Into My Coat

I just wanted to let everyone in the blogosphere know that wearing this coat is like wearing a blanket. That probably explains why I managed to fall asleep on the subway for an hour after I mentally tucked myself into it. It looks a little bit silly on me, especially since it has Dolman sleeves, but I can't help but bury myself in its coziness. It does help that I scored it for only $11 at Forever 21 which makes up for the fact that I look like a manly grandma in it.

Also, I'm currently drowning in the 1,000+ photos I took in Turkey. All the editing, resizing, and sorting is simultaneously making me miss Turkey and wishing I chose not to bring my camera. Just kidding - I will always be physically and mentally attached to my camera. Watch out for another post in The Turkey Diaries series later today (because yes, it's now a series).

Forever 21 Brown Coat  (similar), Red Cardigan (similar), Patterned Shirt
Urban Outfitters Mustard Skirt  (similar)
Topshop Belt
DKNY Black Tights
Ruffle Loafers c/o Pink & Pepper


  1. such an adorable outfit jen! love it!

  2. 11 bucks for a blanket coat?
    I want that too :c
    You look lovely Jennifer as


  3. you look so cute! Love the idea that the coat feels like a blanket! haha

  4. Great outfit! and I love that coat! Looking forward to your Turkey Diaries. :)

  5. Awe, those are rather the best kind of coats though, perfect for winter warmth! Hope all has been well, picture editing as well (:

  6. As always, you're just so adorable! I love seeing your pretty smile :) You're also making me want to run down to F21 sometime soon- that jacket is just perfect. I'm always surprised by the diamonds in the rough down there!

    And hey, any epic posting series like your Turkey biopic deserves a "diaries" title :)



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