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The Only Animal I Couldn't Fight

I feel like every single outfit post that I've written up lately involves a picture of me spinning. Can we just think about how strange that is? Who spins like that in real life on a daily basis? No one (I think).

Also, this outfit reminds me of Christmas. Is anyone else missing the holidays already? My roommate and I have been pretty lazy the past few months and we still haven't taken out our dying christmas tree. I think we're just in denial that our dining room will once again be empty and void of holiday spirit.

Gap Collar Cardigan (similar)
Urban Outfitters Lace Sweetheart Top (similar)
H&M Corduroy Skirt (similar)
Forever 21 Floral Belt
India Boots c/o Blowfish Shoes
Bow Ring c/o Lulu*s

I'm finishing up a few things at work right now and then guess what? I'm heading out to meet Jess, who came all the way from friggin' Vancouver, at Momofuku Noodle Bar. I've never met Jess in person before and I've been dying to try out the menu at Momofuku for the longest time so basically it's a recipe for the BEST EVENING EVER? I think so. And did I mention it's also Mardi Gras? Life just keeps getting better and better each day. I'm going to Instagram like I've never Instagrammed before (unless I'm too busy gorging my face with noodles and other delicious treats).

Also, can I mention how much I adore these boots? I'm pretty sure I've raved about them again and again and again but they're one of the only pairs of wedges that don't give me blisters or feet pain after an entire day's wear. Thanks, Blowfish Shoes. You guys have done it again.


  1. Your boots and skirt! need! Sounds like a fun evening- enjoy it :)

  2. I like your hurr in these pics...and your outfit is really cool. However, it's February, Jen. Throw out the dead Christmas tree or I'll officially label you a future cat lady hoarder.

    PS...Giselle from Enchanted spins in real life!

    1. I finally did what you said and signed up for Gravatar....where is my picture?!

  3. Those are some really cute boots! And I love the colors here, especially that burgundy!


  4. Lol....I spin in real life (and actually in all my outfit shoots, but a lot those don't make it to the blog), but then again my guy and I take dance classes, so there's a reason for that!

    Seriously though, loving the color palette for this look. You are so effortlessly chic here.

  5. aww...I'm missing the holidays too! =)
    And yes, totally adoring your boots too!

  6. Love this look!!! I haven't worn that skirt in a while, I should wear it this week, ha ha...
    Woohoo for twirling and meeting with bloggers :)

  7. Um, Jen, I'm totally insulted because *I* spin on a daily basis. ;) Hehehe. I like your spins, though. You're a cute little ballerina. I'm digging your red skirt and thoooseee boootttiesss! Booties are definintely your thing. No blisters all day also sounds like an incredible thing.

  8. oohhh you're meeting up with JESS?!! that's totally awesome!!! say hello to her for me! :D teehee!!!
    just go and spin!! fun photos for the win! :D

    Click me for my NEW BLOG

  9. i love momofuku fried chicken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Love your photography and your outfit! :-)

  11. Lovely outfit! love the skirt!

  12. you are so stylish and cute!

  13. So cute :) Love the colors and your ankle booties :)

  14. Haha, whatever I totally spend my day spinning around like that-it always looks so cute! Such a pretty outfit too, the colors are so chic and I adore your boots! They're perfect.

  15. These shoes! Oh Blowfish, why is everything you make so amazing? I can see how this reminds you of Christmas and it only makes me love it that much more. The color of this skirt is dreamy. Also, I don't know why spinning looks so cute in pictures, but it never fails!

  16. WAIT BUT THE SPINNING PHOTOS ARE THE BEST. No, they're very fun, and you always look super happy in them ^^ Hope you have a great time with Jess and a good mardi gras! xx

  17. Oh Jen you are so cute! I love this outfit and your spinning pictures! I wish I could say that I spin around in the middle of the street everyday but unfortunately I don't.

    Also love that you haven't taken your Christmas tree down. You go girl.

  18. Wow, this look is amazing! The colors are so lovely together and I especially love the sweetheart neckline and that ADORABLE bow ring!!! Too cute!



  19. You look very nice here, Jen. I like the boots as well. It looks perfect in your outfit. :)


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