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Has Anyone Found Nemo?

Bring it on, Nemo.

I took these pictures earlier today outside of a Starbucks before the snow started coming down too hard in the city. My office was half empty since the out-of-state commuters (and some outer borough commuters) opted to work from home to avoid any delays caused by the impending winter storm. Despite the workplace being so relaxing, my day wasn't any less busy and I'm still finding myself finishing up some work at home before heading out for the night. That's right, Nemo can't stop me from spending my Friday night out on the town...I think. There's officially a blizzard warning out in the entire area so we won't be wandering too far from my apartment. I hope everyone in the Northeast is staying warm and safe this weekend!

Forever 21 Dolman Coat (similar), Beige Sweater, Ear Muffs
Sammydress Polka Dot Dress (similar)
HUE Olive Green Tights
Blowfish Shoes Jackie Boots (similar)
Urban Outfitters Arm Warmers (similar), Owl Hat (similar)
Scarf via Jeremy

Also, yes. The owl hat is making its epic annual appearance. This bad boy has been around on my blog for over two years now and he will always be one of the greatest loves of my life. I remember I left him in one of my marketing classes during my junior year of college and I was absolutely devastated when I ran back and he had disappeared. I vaguely remember lying across my couch in my on-campus apartment over dramatically thinking about how empty my life would be from that moment on. My emotional attachments to inanimate objects are definitely a problem worth discussing. In the end, one of my classmates had picked it up for me and brought it to class the week after. What a hero. What a hero.

Oh, and that stunning face I'm making in the picture above? My co-worker, Lindsay, caught that breathtakingly beautiful moment as a random man proceeded to tell me how cute my hat was. I wasn't sure what to make of it as he watched me pose for a good 20 seconds. Oh, New York City. I adore you and your city full of weirdos (including me).


  1. I do adore that hat! He's adorable and I want to steal him!!!
    Luckily I work from home on Fridays so I didn't have to brave going on the train to the city and getting stuck, ha ha

  2. I am officially snowed in and the sleet is so loud, I can hardly hear my TV. I have to turn it up so loud!! I definitely found

  3. Love that outfit but, more-so, I love those boots!

    & how pretty is that first shot? Very~
    Totally could be an ad for GAP or something<3 Perfect^__^


  4. such a cute photo with your owl hat. haha...adorable!
    Stay safe and warm!! =)

  5. the hat and the skirt is adorable !
    such a comfy and cozy looks :D

  6. hahaha.. love that last face!!! :) love how you're staying cute and warm over there!!
    stay safe, jen!! :D the weather reports have been crazy over on the east coast.

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  7. These photos are the cutest! I adore your camel coat. I want to find one like it! Your hat is darling, seems to fit these fun photos :)

  8. it's a snow in there? that's so cool.. :) love your outfit! :)
    Irene Wibowo

  9. Cute winter look! Love the owl hat! xx

  10. Cute outfit. Stay safe and warm!

  11. UM JEN YOUR FACES ARE REALLY CUTE. And that owl hat is precious, and I am so super glad that you were able to retrieve it. ;) Haha, I must say that I adore those boots, too! You're too cute. Stay safe during the storm! And warm! <3

  12. I love that the storm is called Nemo. It really confused me when it exploded on Twitter. Stay warm and cozy!

  13. that second to last photo has me laughing out loud!

  14. Yes, Nemo found me - thankfully I have power back but am still snowed in. Your polka dot dress looks very pretty and your hat is adorable. I love the big smiles, and now I'll be thinking about a hot cup of coffee. Starbucks must look very inviting on a cold day.

  15. Such a cute hat! I was so nonplussed when I read the title of your post, how did Finding Nemo get a revival? Then it hit me that it was the winter storm Nemo (total blonde moment there) when I was reading your post :)

    Your outfits are always so well put-together!


  16. I like the combinations of colors in this outfit. I love it, seriously. The red, cream?, and beige colors perfectly fit all together! Nice choices right there, Jen! :D

  17. always look this lovely <3

  18. Such cute warm weather accessories you have! I am especially adoring that hat!!! Perfect for the storm :)

  19. HAHAHAH oooh comments from random your reaction. loving your skirt too!!! :)

  20. Oh Jennifer you are just
    too cute c: the owl hat
    is lovely! Your co-worker
    has a great timing with
    snapping the last picture :P


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