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The Turkey Diaries: Malatya Snowfall

Joe Fresh Lace Top (similar)
H&M Black Jeans
First Boots c/o Jellypop (similar)

I remember when I was looking back at my adventures in Turkey, I kept thinking, "This is great. I've got enough pictures and things to blog about to last me until the end of February!" Now it's mid-March and I'm still blogging about Turkey. Guess I'm a slow blogger. ;)

During my stay in Malatya with Jeremy, we were hit with plenty of snow, and I mean plenty of it. In America we would have called it a winter storm and sent out red alerts to everyone within a hundred miles. In Malatya, it was just a normal school day and all the kids still came to class (albeit they spent most of the class period gazing outside, waiting to throw snowballs at each another). Even though I'm a pussy when it comes to cold weather, I can't help but fall in love with it every time snow comes falling from the sky. There's just something so magical and beautiful about it that I could never imagine living somewhere without snow. I remember my mom telling me that when I was born, the first snowfall of the season started as she was wheeled out of the hospital with me in her arms. I'm pretty sure she would have changed my name to Snow White if she hadn't already named me Jennifer.

And I leave with these fiiiine pictures of Jeremy with his orange pants. Please take note of the plaid cuffs.


  1. I love the lace top and the two toned color of your boots. Such a great winter outfit!



    Southern (California) Belle

  2. I love your boots and the coloring of these photos! Isn't that the best thing about trip photos lasting so long! Love Jeremy's pants too, the plaid cuffs are amazing!
    xo Hannah

  3. Great photos and I've been loving all your posts about Turkey. So fun to vicariously get to go there with you.

  4. Slow blogger... ppfffftt! Whatever, Jen. Whatever. ;) But hey, that's awesome that you've still got plenty of photos. I really do enjoy your posts about Turkey! Mainly because I never get to travel places... sob sob.

    That scarf looks super cozy crazy warm (that was a lot of really lame adjectives, but it is a fabulous scarf, Jen). It looks like it could devour you entirely... ssweeeet.

    Jeremy is so stylish, what. And check that beard. One stylish dude right there!

  5. The first pic and the pic of Jeremy with his cuffs = so good! I want his pants and your talent. Gimme! Mine.

  6. I love these shots, the snow makes it look magical! I love your outfit perfectly casual chic!

  7. love those two tone boots!

  8. Oh wow, looks amazing! Totally dig your boots, and your fella's orange pants as well!

  9. Those orange pants are so crazy awesome. And the snow is so pretty and fairy like. I'm glad your Turkey posts lasted so long. They were amazing!


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