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With the Sweetest Sway

It looks like I was going out on the town to catch up with some girlfriends or heading to a fashion show, right? Well, I wasn't. I put on this obnoxiously vibrant outfit yesterday to go grocery shopping. In my opinion, there's nothing wrong with dressing up and feeling pretty even while performing the most mundane tasks. I'm pretty sure the grocery store employee offered to help me pick out my frozen berries mainly because I was dressed up. Only because I was dressed up.

Forever 21 Mustard Sweater (similar)
Sunshine Dress c/o Lulu* (similar)
Jessica Simpson Heels c/o Lulu*
Necklace via Jasmine

Lately I've decided to start exercising in order to stay fit and start leading a healthier lifestyle (aka I need to balance out all the beer I'm drinking, if we're being honest around here). If you ask all my friends, I'm probably the last person they would expect to go to a gym. Instead, you would find me napping in my bed with my hand in a bag of chips. But things are going to change around here. Plus, my college roommates and I finally booked out trip to Miami in April so that's some extra motivation. Bathing suit season, amirite?

I was actually supposed to head to a free class at Equinox Gym after work today but (alas!) I forgot my sneakers at home. I swear it was by accident. Maybe I'm just not meant to spend my days at the gym. ;)


  1. Lovely colors and shoes!~!
    Marie @
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

    I am having a fabulous giveaway right here.

  2. look at you with all your bright colors miss adorable!! :)

    The DayLee Journal

  3. well clearly you're not destined to be at a gym wearing sneakers when you could be wearing those gorgeous heels instead! hahaha :)


  4. I love those two colors together. Great combination, you look lovely!

  5. I love your poses. You look like a dancer. Your red dress c/o Lulu* looks very pretty and is complemented very nicely by the mustard yellow colour of Forever 21 sweater.

  6. omg!!! you're a walking ray of sunshine!! not just with your outfit but with your smile!!!!

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  7. Oh, Jen! I just adore how your outfit is so colorful and the backdrop is grey. You're an exciting splash of color against an otherwise mundane city, hehehe. ;) Except your city isn't mundane at all. But the colors are just a bit compared to the EXCITING JEN!!

    So yeah, you look amazing in every color. I love the redorange against the yellow like that. Tertiary colors, yeah! Work that color wheel logic.

    And yay for you on getting healthy! :)

  8.'re so adorable. You didn't just get help because of how you are totally hot too! =D
    Cute and colorful outfit! My kind of look! =D

  9. LOVE the color blocking going on here. I miiiight have to recreate this look.

  10. You look so pretty in that outfit Jen. Anyone will run to help you out : )
    Love your heels....
    And I so understand the gym thing. I joined one few months back and attended only two sessions. Though in my case I need one. You needn't worry about weight issues. You look totally fab the way you are right now. have a great week.

  11. The colours in this outfit are so amazing. They come together so well. Good luck on your gym motivation! I'm not a huge fan of the gym so I work out at home to youtube videos. Now that I have a workout routine I am actually excited to work out sometimes. What? I know.

  12. I've been working out in preparation for a trip in April too, we're going on a cruise! :) You probably don't have to worry about swimsuit season though, you look amazing! I love the mustard and orange combo and those shoes are seriously incredible! I want to steal them.

  13. Totally loving all the colors! & those heels are too pretty~

    Amazing outfit<3


  14. I am looooving this colour combination!! Absolutely beautiful on you! And those shoes are fantastic :) You don't even have to worry about bathing suit season, you look great :)

  15. Absolutely beautiful outfit! I really love all the bright, bold colors!

  16. I love your dress!
    It is gorgeous <3
    UK High Street Fashion

  17. You have such lovely style! I am so glad I was sent to your blog today from your guest post. I am already following you on GFC and Bloglovin. You are stunning! xx. McKenna Lou

  18. Cool colors! And three cheers for fitness! Does that mean a workout outfit post is on the horizon? :)


    But I love it :) And I love you!

    P.S. you owe me an email ;)

  20. Your outfit makes me feel like spring is truly coming! Good luck with going to the gym – it always seems weird/difficult at first, but once it starts happening regularly, it's so much easier ^^

  21. Going to the gym is so annoying - so time consuming, right? I have to start going over lunches - I'm half like 'yay I'll be all healthy' and I'm half like 'I love my lunch break......wahhh' Anyhow - I LOVE this colorful mix on you - how fun! It reminds me of citrus!

  22. What a darling outfit. I love the blasts of color. It looks so stunning on you.

  23. love this pairing of yellow and orange! i have been working out to some fitness dvds lately, they are more fun than the gym sometimes lol.
    *ps I'm your newest follower on GFC*

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  24. Eeeee. This one looks very fresh, Jenn! Haha and it's funny how they helped you out JUST BEC YOUR DRESSED UP! I experienced that too. It's annoying and funny at the same time! Anyway, how about yoga? :)

  25. You are too funny! I too work out only to balance out my love for beer and cheese and ice cream. But, I work out from home. I have absolutely no motivation after work, especially if I go home. I will not leave for the rest of the night! I love this vibrant outfit, I think that dress is so pretty on you ♥



    Southern (California) Belle

  26. The colors of this outfit are so perfect. The shoes totally make the look. I should probably start working out, but how does one find the time?!


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