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Sustaining the East Village

Before we grabbed brunch yesterday, my friend Chy and I dropped by the Load Out, hosted by the Fourth Arts Block. The Fourth Arts Block is a non-profit organization that works toward establishing and advancing the East 4th Street Cultural District. Load Out is an event that they host biannually to encourage sustainability in the arts by repurposing donated props, costumes, and furniture. Since I wasn't an art student, I handed over $5 and left with an armful of free swag.

Luckily, Chy is always on time (if not early) and she managed to be one of the first twenty people in line for the event. By the time we left the line extended down the block and around the corner onto 2nd avenue. I managed to score two tops, two skirts, a vintage seersucker top, a dress, a tie and suspenders (for Jeremy), and an old film reel which seems to be an episode of Star Trek. I walked out of there giggling like a maniac as if I just robbed a theatre blind. Such a great way to reduce waste in the arts though.

DKNY Trench (similar)
Urban Outfiters Cardigan (similar), Dress (similar)
Target Tights (similar)
Ruffle Flats c/o Pink & Pepper
Ralph Lauren Sunglasses c/o Sunglasses Shop
Aldo Backpack (similar)


  1. amazing photos! love the tights :)

  2. What a super cool event. Also- the outfit is great. Black and red is always a good combo, but it is the tights and socks combo that really make this outfit special.

  3. That sounds like a really awesome event, you got sooo much stuff!! That's amazing!
    I love this simple outfit, it's casual and still dressed up. Love the tights!

  4. "an armful of free swag"--haha Jen, I just love the way you word things sometimes. You're precious.

    I'm really loving those tights with the red. Your outfit is giving off a total Moulin Rouge vibe, and I simply cannot get enough of it.

  5. That sounds so cool!
    You life > everyone else's

  6. Honestly, Jenn, you look hot in this outfit!! :D


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