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I Think the Wolves Have Got Me

Gap Cargo Jacket (similar)
Polka Dot Dress c/o SammyDress (similar)
Studded Combat Boots c/o YesWalker
Forever 21 Tribal Bangle
H&M Polka Dot Socks (similar)

There is almost nothing I love more than a three day weekend. There is also almost nothing I love more than amazing weather. Actually, now that I think about it, there's a lot of things I love more than both of those but you guys get the drift.

It's been such a lovely Memorial Day weekend this year. The first half of it was full of cloudy skies and rain, but the fact that one of my oldest and dearest friends came to stay with me in the city brightened things up infinitely. We had a much needed Girl's Night (involving too much pizza and plenty of ice cream), hid from the rain in the Met, and then treated ourselves to a wild night in Midtown (which consisted of doing the Cotton-Eye Joe on top of a bar).

The second half of my weekend was sunnier so I met up with some co-workers for lots of good food, riverside walking, day drinking, and beach-ing. And who knew New York City was full of beautiful beaches that are only a one-hour subway ride away? I slept away my Monday afternoon on the beautiful beaches of Coney Island and I couldn't have been happier. Guess this is what the rest of my summer weekends will look like!

How did you guys ring in the summer?


  1. loving the rugged even grunge look to this ensemble, dear!! you look so good!! :D glad to know you had a great long weekend!

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  2. I love your polka-dot dress!!! It's beautiful! Your long weekend sounds wonderful! A girls night out, pizza, ice cream, beaches and relaxation. It all sounds wonderful. I love your big smile too.

  3. Sweet look! And boots. Lovin' this laid-back outfit.

    Cheers from Jakarta,

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  5. Sound you had a lazy but a very nice time lately c:
    I love that polka dot dress! I've seen it at some
    of the wholesale shops but I'm afraid it will be
    too short for me....


  6. Check out those boooooots! They're totally unexpected with a polka dot dress, but totally rad.

    Doing the cotton eye joe on top of a bar sounds pretty intense. You're loco and I love it, Jen. MY summer weekends, on the other hand, consist of working (I use that term loosely) at our neighborhood pool and readin' and doodlin' while everyone's behaving. ;) It's good stuff. And my dad is home on the weekends, yaaay!

  7. Sounds like the quite the weekend. Cotton Eye Joe, huh?

    This outfit is great, but I especially love that first photo. The pose is great!

  8. great great boots!!!

  9. What a cute dress! I love the color, and the fact that you paired it with these boots. Your pictures are always so fun!

  10. This dress is perfect on you and I love how edgy/grunge the jacket & shoes make it. I can only imagine that every amount of free time is spent doing something awesome when you live in NYC. Unlike boring Ohio...where pizza and booze are your only options...always.

    1. Nothing wrong with plenty of pizza and booze. ;)

  11. So cute! In love with those boots! <3


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