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She Wants to Take You Far

UNIQLO Casual Blazer (similar)
Urban Outfitters Midi Dress
Bakers Shoes Black Suede Heels  (similar)

I'm starting to learn the value a casual, black blazer has in anyone's closet. Seriously, what doesn't it go with? I'm pretty sure you could list any item in your closet and a black blazer would effortlessly complete the look. When it comes to indecisive dressers like myself, versatile items like this are lifesavers and they help me get to work on time. 

I've been sick for the past couple of days and, while my fever has died down, I continue to have random coughing attacks that come back around this time, every single year. I'm starting to think it's related to allergies but I should probably get that confirmed with someone with actual medical experience. At least the weather is warm enough to melt me into a human puddle, which means I'll be spending my weekend at the beach. Can't wait.


  1. Have fun human puddle-izing yourself, Jen! That sounds like a pretty intense process.

    Yep, a black blazer is definitely necessary piece for every person in existence. Don't know what I'd do without one! I love it here with that dress--wouldn't expect it to work, but it does. And those heels?! They're such a neat shaaaaape!

  2. This is a great outfit! Love Uniqlo for staples :)


    gemma @

  3. Why go to a doctor when you have Confucius?
    (cue laughs)
    But yeah...I hope you feel better soon. Also, That's a cool dress. And nice blazer tip. I guess it's time to add one to my wardrobe.

  4. This is a great dress, love the print of it!! And yeah a black blazer is an amazing thing to have in a wardrobe, I looove mine
    Feel better soon!

  5. love this look from head to toe! girl, you look so grown up here! :)

  6. Love that longer length of skirt in addition to the blazer too.

    Glad to hear you are mostly better, hope the rest of the recovery is swift!

  7. Omg I love your hair here! That dress is so pretty on you x

  8. wow you look gorgeous!! what a great dress!!! love it!

  9. This dress is absolute perfection and I'm obsessed with your messy hair in these photos!

  10. I hope you're feeling better Jen! I love this dress and how you paired it with black shoes and a blazer. You look amazing!



    Southern (California) Belle

  11. Such a gorgeous dress, and I love how chic your shoes are! Chunky heels usually look clunky to me, but not those babies. Don't be surprised if I end up buying everything you've been wearing lately....

    :) Sarah


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