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My Age Has Never Made Me Wise

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Unisex Glasses c/o Firmoo

These past few weeks, I've finally given in and abandoned my eye doctor at home for one within New York City. It was bound to happen eventually, especially considering the change in my insurance plan. But recently, in the midst of updating my prescription, the doctor told me I have a scratch in my left eye. What does that mean? It means having to wear my glasses for an entire week while getting some healing help from prescription eyedrops.

Luckily, Firmoo not only allowed me to review a pair of sunglasses, but a pair of prescription glasses as well! It's always been a struggle to find a thick, plastic frame that suits my face shape and sits atop my bridge-less nose. But when these bad boys arrived, I had no complaints at all. On the other hand, I bumped into a friend from high school who was visiting the city, and she didn't hesitate to point out how much of a hipster I looked like with my glasses on.


  1. You look sooo cute in these glasses!! That sucks that you have a scratch on your eye though :(
    I love this skirt such a great colour and it looks so cute with this top!

  2. You look great in those glasses (though lol at the hipster comment!) but I hope your eye heals up fine!

  3. Get well soon with your eye!! Atleast you
    look good in glasses c: I love Firmoo
    as well! Xx

  4. A scratch in yer eyeball?! Girl, what crazy kung-fu shit did you have to do to get that?

    Well, good thing you got those glasses right on time, then! They do look downright hipster, but that's okay, because you're a super cute hipster. :) But really, you look so good in glasses!

    Aahh and I love your flowy red skiiiirt, Miss Jen!

  5. oh no!! sorry to hear that :( I like your glasses though!!! you should wear them often!!! :)


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