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The Miami Diaries: The Front Porch Cafe

After spending quite the interesting Sunday night at Nikki Beach, Nira, Monisha, and I spent Monday morning gorging ourselves in some delectable brunch. We read about The Front Porch Cafe on Foursquare (which was my handy guide for places to eat and drink during the entire trip) and we decided to try it out. We immediately fell in love with the cafe due to their friendly and efficient service. We loved it so much that we decided to come back on Tuesday morning before heading to the airport.

In an effort to save money, we only ordered two entrees to share between the three of us. And you know what? There was more than enough to fill up our bellies. My favorite items on their menu were definitely their potatoes and their freshly squeezed apple juice. So delicious.


  1. Mhmmm looking delicious brunch!
    And a fresh squeezed apple juice
    sounds refreshing!


  2. yum, it looks delicious! and love that idea of sharing 2 dishes between 3! xx

    gemma @

  3. Look like you are having fun times!


  4. This food looks incredible. YUM.

  5. Mmm, freshly made applejuice sounds so scrumptious! I haven't had "real" breakfast food in forever. Or ever, maybe. I don't think I've ever made it to a breakfast restaurant before dinnertime. I'm usually so hungry when I wake up I just have gotta eat asap, haha!

    That toast looks squishy and exceptional btw.


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