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The Miami Diaries: Little Red Riding Bandana

Forever 21 Polka Dot Bikini Top, Sunglasses
Red Floral Romper c/o Ali & Kris (similar)
Love Knot Sandals c/o fibi & clo

Are you guys sick of hearing about Miami yet? I promise I'm not using these posts as an excuse to bum around in sweatpants every day instead of blogging about the more stylish part of myself. I promise.

Since we had so much fun bike riding the first time, on Monday morning the three of us decided to rent some bikes again and explore the path along the coast. I have to say, riding a bike definitely lands on my list of the top ten most enjoyable things to do in the world. Monisha was still adjusting to using hand brakes so she took it a little slower. At one point, Nira and I stopped for a bit so Monisha could catch up, and I thought it would be an awesome idea to ride my bike onto the sand. Big mistake. I immediately flopped right over and toppled over on my bike. In the distance you could hear the guy sitting underneath the palm tree yell, "Touchdown!"

Two beach bums proceeded to walk over to me, make sure I was okay, and then demand I accurately reenact the moment so they could capture it on my phone. Then the one holding my phone decided to take a few selfies of himself. This would only happen to me. Welcome to Miami.


  1. I love the the ruffle at the top of your red floral romper!

  2. hahahaha what the heck, you had to reenact it? And then they took selfies? That's both hilarious and unfortunate. Whatever, at least you looked cute. ;) I love that romper, Jen! You're so beach chic.

    And in that picture... oh man, you're the cutest fallen over biker ever.

  3. Your little romper is adorable and I loved your beach bike story- that would TOTALLY happen to me! Also, I would be disappointed if you WEREN'T using the trip photos to bum around in sweatpants lol!

  4. So summery looking!

    Reading about other bloggers' trips seems fun- like taking a (very small) trip yourself, at least for the duration of reading the post. So glad you had fun!

  5. superb!

  6. What a cutie pie! The bandana makes you look like a hippie! Hahaha I like it :D


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