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The Sound of the Drums Bring You Back

It's Monday again. Can we go back to the weekend already? I spent the last two days bumming around, catching up with friends, watching movies, and enjoying some quality time sketching on my balcony. When I move to a new apartment in July I really hope I have a balcony or, at least, a fire escape (even though those are technically illegal to hang out on unless there's an actual emergency).

Luckily this work week is looking to be a calm, stress-free couple of days. I'll be counting down to this upcoming weekend since my long-distance friends Eric and Ryan will be visiting. I haven't seen them in too long and I can't wait to reunite with them in only a few days. Time to fast forward time?

Target Chevron Dress (similar)
Urban Renewal Vest (similar)
Urban Outfitters Gray Wedge Sandals (similar)

Below is my "Sup yo. I'm puttin' on mah trenchcoat. Whatcha gonna do about it?" face.


  1. hahaha!! that face!! :D
    yay for reuniting with long distance friends!! :D

    cute outfit, dear!! the button down vest really pulled everything together!!

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  2. This outfit is so cute!!! I love relaxing weekends, they're the best :D

  3. This is such a cute outfit. I love vests and you have reminded me how fun they are for summer.

  4. I love your swingy chevron print dress from Target. Your outfit photos are always a joy to look at. You always look so happy and positive. Even your "Sup yo. I'm puttin' on mah trenchcoat. Whatcha gonna do about it?" face look makes me smile. :)

  5. Welcome to the many magical faces of Jennifer Hsieh.

  6. If you get a fire escape, you can just say that there WAS an emergency... A FASHION EMERGENCY!! or something ridiculous like that. And because you're cute they'll let you go if they catch ya. Right? Right.

    I do adore that cute little vest. I feel like people don't wear vests much anymore... Which is a shame, since vests are so darling. I especially like that chevron print behind it!

  7. you are so funny! Love that face! haha

  8. Hahaha adorable and funny as always, Jen!


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