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You Can Count on Me to Misbehave

Coral Sweater c/o Lulu*s
ASOS Fruit Dress
ASOS Sandals (similar)
Cream Headband c/o Hearts
Forever 21 Sunglasses

You guys. While I was out wandering the streets on New York City with one of my co-workers, I briefly stood over a grate and I pulled a Marilyn Monroe. Well, except for the fact that Marilyn managed to catch her dress before it went over her head. In my case, I gave the city a 360° view of my derriere. Classy broad? Always.

And I just noticed that the coffee shop I'm squatting in front of doesn't have the right date on their calendar. I wonder if anyone's told them by now. But hey, it's Friday, and no one has time to fix their calendars on Friday, right? I'm off to my office's monthly happy hour as well as some roommate bonding. What do you guys have going on this weekend?

Also, am I hip enough with my headband? I'm kind of in love with it (it's crazy soft and so easy to wear) but I'm 99% sure I cannot pull off this look. Ever since I got my tickets for Bonnaroo I've been trying to embrace my inner boho. After a few weeks of trying, I'm pretty sure I have no inner boho. Alas! I'll keep trying no matter what the mirror tells me.


  1. You are so adorablleeee! I love that dress, and you can pull off the headband, lets be clear, you can pull off anything

  2. Hipster?!
    You can rock a headband. Fo sho. I have a ton and wear them all the time. Yeeee ow!

  3. This is the sweatest dress EVER, I am loving it with that pink sweater such a perfect combination. And I definitely think you can pull off the headband, WAY better than I could ;)

  4. So wait, your dress flew up and I WASN'T THERE TO SEE IT? You know, I always miss the best things. I'm sure it just made some peoples' day in a very strange way, so nothing to be ashamed about, dear Jen.

    Gosh, this whole outfit is so so cute! I love that dress so much, and your pretty pink cardigan, and those sunnies are the perfect shape, too. YOU'RE SO CUTUEESDFSD

  5. HAHAHAHA! jen that has happened to me more than once in the city...and i have seen it happen to countless girls. you need to be careful while walking over grates or even worse, when you walk down the stairs to the subway.

    i love headwraps! i was just having a conversation with my husband the other week about them. he hates them...but i love them. i tried wearing some recently...tried styling them for a good 30 minutes and gave up. i don't think i can pull that look off either. *sigh*

  6. I love your dress, your whole outfit, that you are always laughing and smiling, and that you did that Marilyn Monroe thing. NYC is lucky to have you there!

  7. You look nice c: Love the fruit dress!
    The Marilyn Monroe thingy happend to me
    last week, when it was really stormy :c
    Oh well.


  8. That dress is so pretty! Love the color of the cardigan as well xx

  9. ADorable dress. You look so happy too.

    The headbands are neat. A bit boho to me.

  10. in love with the print of this amazing dress!!
    really liked, i stay here <3


  11. lovely! you always look happy in every picture!

  12. What a pretty outfit! I absolutely love the dress. Beautiful pictures <3

  13. Jen! I like this outfit very much. It suits you. (Your dressssssss <3)


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