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You Always Want What You're Running From

Forever 21 Denim Jacket
Gap Striped Shirt (similar), Green Ankle Zip Jeans (similar)
Aldo Canvas Backpack  (similar)
Boat Shoes c/o Burnetie  (similar)

It's been raining heavily in the city the past two days and I'm currently waiting for my flats to dry, which is looking like it'll take the entire work day. I never seem to wear appropriate footwear but what else is new? It's days like these where I remind myself that I need to buy a sturdy pair of rain boots. Hunter boots have been on my lust list for a couple of years now but my wallet keeps telling me "No." What to do? (Hint: My half birthday is May 30th). On the other hand, my $2 umbrella is serving me quite well.

These pictures were taken on a sunnier day when the streets weren't flooded and littered with hundreds and hundreds of umbrellas. As much as I love rainy days, having to maneuver through the morning rush hour traffic through torrential downpour is on my list of the some of the most frustrating things to deal with. Good thing the sun is scheduled to make an appearance tomorrow. Hallelujah!

And now that you've spent two minutes reading Jen's Weather Update, you can continue on with your (more interesting) day. Does anyone else write about the weather when they have a brain fart? Some days I feel like my blog is that friend I talk to way too often so we resort to talking about the weather.


  1. Hahaha, Jen! I love that you hinted at your HALF birthday, you clever little turd, you. I'm glad that you'll be getting some sunshine--we finally have gotten some here after all the rain, rain, rain! I enjoyed Jen's weather update and plan to tune in again next week, but ONLY if there's catchy elevator music playing in the background, kk? Good.

    I adore your casual outfit here, especially your jean jacket. Gotta get me one of those!

  2. i'm LOVING your hair like that!

    i also need a new pair of rain boots. i hate that my last pair (well actually last two pair) ripped. there is nothing worse than a pair of jeans that are soaked around the ankles.

    jen i hear ya about the rain. it's been so gross here!!! bring on the sun and the warm weather tomorrow (did you hear it is gonna be 80???). hope you have a great rest of the week (and weekend!).

  3. This is the perfect casual look, loving the dark green skinnies and the light denim jacket!! I am not a big fan of rain, but I do love me some rain boots, even if you can't get hunters theres lots of super cute options out there that last

  4. I like your backpack. Really cute look.

  5. throwback thursdays for that bag for me! i used to carry a similar one (from an asian brand) back when i was still in high school!!! it looks greatly paired with the green pants!! lush color pairing! :D

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  6. Love the stripes with the amazing coloured jeans

  7. I want these jeans so badly! I have been lusting after a similar ankle zip pair in this color from American Apparel for months, praying for a sale!
    I hope you're getting sunshine today, and I ALWAYS talk about the weather on my blog!
    xo hannah

  8. I've definitely been guilty of giving weather reports in place of blog posts.

    Those jeans are great. Perfect color and they make this outfit something extra special!

  9. I don't like rainy days too especially when I have to commute. But rainy days inside my room with a cup of coffee/tea is always lovely! I like that shoes ever since I saw it. I want it now so bad~


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