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Too Bad Your Chances are Slim

Elephant Puzzle Box Tee c/o Blondes Make Better T-Shirts
Thrifted Denim Skirt (similar)
ShoeMint Sandals (similar)
Coastal Glasses

I think I've officially mastered the art of taking outfit photos in extremely crowded locations. Living in New York City, it's pretty difficult to find an area completely void of humankind, so I've adjusted to the strange looks from people passing by. My advice for overcoming public locations? Don't give a shit. There's no shame in your game and you'll probably never see the majority of those people again. Strut your stuff and do your thing. Spin in a circle, laugh hysterically about nothing, and look absolutely insane because you have nothing to be embarrassed about. You are awesome.

It also helps to have amazing friends that make you laugh while taking your pictures (Thanks, Haley)!

This past weekend was the DayLife festival in the Lower East Side and I met up with a few co-workers to gorge in all the deliciousness. I couldn't resist trying out some shrimp teriyaki balls which might have been some of the most amazing food I've ever tasted. They're made by Mimi and Coco, a Japanese street cart that is finally opening up their first restaurant in a few weeks - so pumped to visit it once it opens up! And to beat the unbearable heat (seriously, the roads were melting), I treated myself to a Pink Lime popsicle from La Newyorkina. You can never go wrong with their popsicles, especially since they always have the best flavors (i.e. Avacado, Hibiscus).

There were so many other vendors that had my stomach grumbling but I had head back uptown to meet up with an old friend. Some days I just want to sit around for hours and eat. Everything. Who's with me?


  1. cute tee!! and omy, i love those sandals!! :D

    Click me for my BLOG!

  2. jen i love that you have mastered this! i have yet to. me being shy and embarrassed 90% of the time doesn't really help. i think you need to give me a lesson of loosening up! :P

  3. love your sandals!!!! and oh, Florida is not known by a lot of people walking around, instead a lot of cars passing by... I always get embarrassed :P

  4. Having someone taking your pictures in a crowded locale is so much better than doing it yourself haha. I love this look, so cute and simple. That tee is really wonderful and so are your sandals :)

  5. Oh, food carts- sounds so yummy! Love the laid-back look and the advice for crowded photoshoots.

  6. Lol I wish I have the same confidence like you
    about taking outfit pictures in public :c
    people that keeps staring at you is just so
    embarrassing... Xx

  7. "don't give a shit" is really good advice, actually. Or "pretend you're a fancy model and that everyone else is a peasant"--that is what I like to do, though I seldom take pictures in crowded places. Maybe a few drive-bys or pedestrians strolling by, but never a bustling city!!

    You're so cute in glasses, you know that? You make such a cute little nerd, Jen. :D

  8. I will join you in eating all the things.

  9. That is SUCH a cute shirt!!!!!

  10. Ahhhh elephants! I love it :D As always, you're so freaking cute. I love how you styled the tee in such a casual-chic way.

    Btw, I'm sorry I've been so MIA in comments lately- I haven't been able to post any comments from my phone on blogs with the drop-down account menu :(

    Big hugs!

  11. simple and cute!

  12. Jenn, I like your shirt. Must. Find. An. Elephant. Shirt. :D You look cute ;3


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