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When They Question What Real Is

So I finally decided it was a time for a change on my blog. I'm always worried that my layout or my content gets stale, which is probably because I get antsy if anything in my life stays the same for too long. I definitely have a commitment problem when it comes to most things. Even having lived in New York City for a year, which was a dream of mine since I was a little girl, I'm already starting to get an itch to hit the road and plan out my next adventure (hopefully in the Pacific Northwest).

Let me know how the layout looks for you guys and whether or not there are any malfunctions and what not.

H&M Nude Crop Top (similar)
Crochet Tunic Dress c/o Studio 12.20 (similar)
Urban Outfitters Peach Wedges (similar)
Vintage Purse

I know it's only the middle of the week but I'm already feeling pooped (as shown in the image below). Now that Hump Day is coming to an end, I'm heading to McCarren Park in Brooklyn with a few co-workers and watching The Craft. There's nothing quite like a movie outdoors with a handful of awesome people. Bring on the boozin' after sunset.


  1. Those wedges! :D

    Love the layout! Can you redo mine too?


  2. Cute and simple outfit! :) Loving the new blog layout too

    A Splash Of Tan

  3. I love the updated layout! Cute outfit by the way, it looks so nice and breezy for summer.

  4. love the shoes!!! and the craft has to be one of my all time favorite movies. i swear i have seen it about 50 times.

  5. You are such a babe! I love your new layout, especially your little profile pic.


  6. i will second the motion what jasmine said.. the layout is wonderful! i love how you always keep your blog fresh and easy to manage around. can you do mine as well? hahaha! :D

    love the purse btw!

  7. I do too have commitment problems! But the site looks great! I love the colors of your banner! It's very unique :) Love the wedges - hope your new adventures are wonderful and hope we can see images of it through the days!


  8. The new layout is totally awesome. I love it!

  9. I love your layout! It's gorgeous (:
    Loving your outfit too - transforming a dress into a skirt is ingenius (:

    The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  10. hahahh your second to last picture - you are too adorable. can't wait to see where you wind up next!

  11. I love the new layout, resembles the previous but looks fresh.

  12. loving the changes, and you are as adorable as ever! x

  13. I like the changes. Keeping the same basic layout (in terms of where things are located) and the same color tones means it still feels like you, brand-wise, but it is a fun mix-up of new styles. The banners are fun.

    Also, I didn't realize you wanted to move to the Pacific Northwest!

    Lastly- I love this outfit, from its subtle colors to its loose drape-y-ness.

  14. Cute outfit, Jen! I like that you use light colors and not too much colors. ove it! Perfect :D


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