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Cool Winds Come Blowing

Vintage Beach Print Shift Dress
Urban Ouftitters Red Cardigan (similar)
Aldo Black Wedges (similar)
Shoemint Satchel

My body is confused by the weather. I mean, it's usually confused since it's been in between the summer heat wave and air conditioning turned up to the highest setting. But today, my body is really confused. Who knew I would walk outside to a cool breeze and temperatures in the 70's? (Besides the weatherman that is). I'm cherishing it while it lasts with cardigans galore and possibly jeans tomorrow. You guys...jeans.

Also, I discovered this gem of a dress in my parent's house during my visit back home last weekend. I can't believe I chose to leave it behind. Pretty sure the last time I styled it was in 2010. How much of a Throwback Thursday is that? Oh wait, there's always this one as well. Can we talk about how I still wear those shoes to this day? Some things never go out of style (aka I refuse to part with anything in my closet, aka hoarder).

Do you guys hold on to items in your closet for years or do you like to clean out the old stuff to make room for the new?


  1. That dress is so cute!
    Your pictures are always so great, you are very photogenic.

    Robyn xo

  2. Love this dress, what a funky print and perfect with the red cardigan!!

  3. It's a bit of both keeping and throwing away once it's old, mainly hoarding.

  4. Love the dress! Can't believe you left it behind. At least you didn't donate the clothing you left behind, then it would be lost forever! My body is confused as well. Seriously debating wearing jeans tomorrow. Actually, I'm taking a break from figuring out what to wear tomorrow - it's orientation for my course in Fashion Design. Goal: look fashionable, without trying too hard. Hmm...

  5. keep that red cardigan dear!! totally pops with this outfit!!!
    the weather over here has suddenly dropped too!! from really humid hot to a cool rainy climate.

    Animated Confessions

  6. I love this outfit...that shift dress is so cute! I hoard clothes like crazy...It's gotten really bad. I have clothes from five-six years ago that I still wear sometimes.


  7. That dress is adorable! I love your outfits - I always get inspiration from them!

    Loving those shoes too!

    The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  8. That dress is too cute! I love the unique print.

  9. "and possibly jeans tomorrow. You guys...jeans."

    It is funny but also rather sad how genuinely exciting that statement is in the summer!

    This is a fun little number, especially with the cardigan.

    This year has definitely been a Cleaning Out of the Closet year for me. I did have a tendency to keep things for years on end. Most of which did get use, but I finally got rid of the old, worn things as well as those things I'd kept thinking I might use but never did. Still, it is nice to rediscover old clothing. Like a purchase you didn't have to pay for, lol!

  10. I love THAT DRESS! so so cute, a perfect 90s summer dress w/ that fun print on simple white. 70s sounds amazing right now but i know i can't expect so much over here. i too go between heat/cold attacks w/ the overly cold AC inside EVERYWHERE and then the real heat outside. anyway, i love your pairing w/ the red cardi also and ya, I usually do a closet cleanout and get ride of stuff a couple times a year. but i'd have been a pity w/ this dress.
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

  11. that dress is fantastic - I always seem to find "gems" back at my parents house too - though usually it's just old band tshirts.

  12. Arrrrr. That dress!! It's so cute! :D

  13. Pairing that dress with such a bold color was perfect! Great post!



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