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Be the River Where I Unravel

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Last weekend, Jeremy and I decided to relax a little and have a picnic on Ward's Island. We walked across the bridge behind my apartment and set up the cutest little lunch. Seriously, it was adorable. This was the first time I had taken Jeremy here since he was teaching abroad in Turkey when I discovered it. Over the past year, Ward's Island was usually the place I escaped to when I wasn't feeling my best or if I just needed time to be alone and get away from the hectic sounds of the city. I would climb down the edge of the island and spend time sketching in my journal on the rocks (which are now completely underwater thanks to the tide rising).

But now, I don't ever feel so alone. I've come to embrace the city in all its craziness and, perhaps, I've become a little crazy too. Guess I fit right in now.


  1. omg.. speaking of your city.. I'm heading for manhattan this thanksgiving (end of november). please, let's meet up, even for just brunch or dinner!!! :D

    Animated Confessions

    1. Um, OBVIOUSLY. Email me the details when you have them figured out! :)

  2. Lovely outfit! I especially love those shoes, they're so cute.

  3. Gorgeous photos! Love the last one. :)

  4. Sounds like a beautiful and relaxing time, matched with a relaxed outfit :)

    Also- you have the best blog titles...

  5. Aww it sounds like you and your man had such a fun time. I love this first photo!

    Xo, Hannah


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