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The World of Jen Pt.1

I don't often blog about my everyday adventures (unless you count my clothing choices as adventures), which is where Instagram comes in handy. Above are a few recent shots from my life because I'm a really exciting person and you want to know all about me. Obviously. 

Oh, and you know you're dying to follow along on my Instagram

Clockwise from top left
1. Jeremy takes selfies of himself on my phone last weekend as he waits for me to pick out my outfit for the day. 
2. I found a chair in the middle of the sidewalk yesterday. So, I did the smart thing and sat in it. 
3. There's nothing like catching up with high school friends with some green tea frappuccinos. Right? 
4. Taxi ride selfies. 'nuff said. 
5. Exploring Williamsburg (Brooklyn) and realizing how short I am.


  1. i'm following your instagram now.i would love to view your daily activities..all the photos are fun! xo

  2. If you short, how about me? I think i'm more smaller than you.. :) I like the photo's!
    Irene Wibowo

  3. I'll be in New York this weekend for the Stevie Wonder concert in Central Park! Maybe I'll run into you on one of your adventures =)

  4. Green tea fraps are my favorites!

    Xo, Hannah

  5. Fun to see a bit more into your life!


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