I've Been Around A Few

Forever 21 Sweater, Feather Necklace | Urban Outfitters Mustard Skirt | H&M Heeled Loafers

As a fashion blogger, sometimes you're blown away by how many clothes you've worn over the past few years. I randomly flipped to my cringe-worthy outfits from 2010 and saw clothes that I forgot even existed in my memory. But you know what I also saw? This skirt. (If you click on the link, please forgive my horrible bang trim, which caused me and my friends to dub that period of my life "The Summer of the Horrible Bangs"). 

It's pieces like this skirt that I know I'll never let go no matter how old I get because I can never get sick of them. It's pieces like this I can wear a million times and it'll never feel old. Timeless pieces. The dress I wore in yesterday's post? Got it in 2010 (aka "The Year of Colored Tights) and I'll be passing it down to my kids. No girls? No problem. I'll make my son play dress-up on Halloween. EASY SOLUTION. 

But going on a tangent, do you guys ever have your own fashion time periods? My friend told me this summer was "The Summer of Maxi Dresses" for me. Guess I was in the mood to drop it to the floor. I would love to hear yours! 


  1. Omg I have the same sweater AND wore it yesterday haha! LOVE this look<3


  2. Really love this outfit, especially the texture of your sweater! I am also the same with quite a few pieces in my wardrobe, I love them too much to ever get rid of them.

  3. Your loafer heels are pretty cool. I think I need a pair of those as well :) And I too have lots of clothes that have been going strong for years. But unfortunately I probably have had just as many one-seasoners as well. xo

  4. I love the drop-waisted look here! And I don't think your bangs looked so bad :)


  5. I think that mustard and grey are SUCH a great colour combination that not many people do! Love!

  6. That is GORGEOUS, I love it so much.

  7. I'm more of "Colors" in terms of fashion seasons.. i think there was a year i only bought coral everything.. clothes, makeup, accessories.. last year it was green.. this year it's blue. hahaha! :D

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  8. You have wonderful taste in skirts! I love how swingy your Urban Outfitters skirt is and its pretty mustard yellow colour - prefect for fall!


  9. I like this outfit with that short, flirty skirt and how nicely it pairs yellow and gray.

  10. sweater with light-weight skirt?amazing combinations..i'm going to try this too.. :P

    xo josephine

  11. I actually know and remember this exact skirt and love every time you style it!!! Plus that sweater looks so comfy and it really brings out the color. Love your outfit as always :]

  12. This sweater looks SO comfy and cute!

    Xo, Hannah



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