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Modern Influencer with Levi's x Vogue

Topshop Sweater (similar) | Joe Fresh Button-Down (similar) | Levi's Boyfriend Skinny Jeans | Patent and Suede Heels c/o Lulu's

It has hit me. I'm sick.

I'm one of those people that denies the fact that they're getting sick until it smacks them right in the face.  I can feel the sniffles coming on and my forehead is heating up but I'm going to power through because I'm a magnificent, stubborn bastard who refuses to take off from work, especially since I'm transitioning to a new position right now. I can do this.

But on a less sickly note, I'm currently collaborating with Levi's and Vogue to style up some looks featuring two of my favorite Levi's picks. I've been looking for the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans and these have proven to hold up to multiple wears without the need to wash them just to regain shape. There's most definitely a benefit to investing in a great pair of jeans instead of opting for those lifeless $10 Forever 21 pairs. I know these will last me for many more years (and they'll also be a constant reminder to stay relatively in shape so I don't wake up one morning crying because I can't pull my Levi's on). New favorite piece in my closet? Definitely.


  1. I love this simple but classy look! Hope you are feeling better!

  2. Relaxed jeans + classy heels = excellent!

  3. All the readers want to get in your pants! #getinJenspants --- lets get this trending

  4. these jeans honestly look so so good on you. Just loose enough to be casual, but tight enough to show off your awesome legs.

  5. get well soon!! I'm currently sick too with all this temperature change my body is going thru (from my Caribbean vacation to the chilly fall mornings now in my city). aahh!! and just like you, i shall power thru because i don't like taking days off at work. hahaha!

    love the whole college casual yet preppy vibe with this outfit, jen!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  6. These jeans look AMAZING on you... I'm in love. And I totally do the same thing when I'm sick- major denial! Get better!

    Xo, Hannah

  7. this is a perfect combination of sweater layering and jeans.i totally love the casuality of this outfits! you're so cute!

    xo josephine

  8. Sweet pictures and a great look!

  9. Oh no! I hope that you get well soon, Jen. Lots of fluids and fruits (antioxidants!!) and oatmeal and other warm, mushy things that are good for you. AND GREEN STUFF. ALL THE GREEN STUFF! Okay, I'm done being your mom. Sighs. I don't get sick often, but when I do, I go on with life at full-force and try to ignore it lol lol we are so smart.

    On the upside, you look beautiful. I love love love the texture of that sweater, and that faint rose color is so lovely, too. With those jeans and heels, you look so put together. EEEY stylish lay-day!

  10. This look is fantastic! You look so good in it. Hope you feel better soon!

  11. Ick - bummer. I'm the same way about getting sick. In total denial until it smacks me in the butt. Hope you feel better very soon Jen!

    Loving this comfy cozy outfit and that sweater!. I've been really adoring your style - love the classic, minimalist approach. Happy Friday :-)

  12. ah, you just look so lovely here! i believe i am catching something as well! i hope you feel better soon!

    lindsey louise

  13. As Andre Leon Talley would say- I want to take the first photo, blow it up, and hang it in my salon. Well done, lovely.

    So exciting that you're collaborating with Levis and Vogue! Can't wait to see more :) And those boyfriend jeans look awesome- I have a similar dilemma of searching for a pair that has that slouchy feel without stretching out after a wear or two.

    :) Sarah

  14. I agree with you right there. Levi's quality if so much better! You look good in that outfit, Jenn. And good luck about your new position! Congrats ;)

  15. Levi's are awesome. I thrifted a camo pair and they definitely hold there shape for a while. I love that sweater too!


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