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The World of Jen Pt. 2

I've been MIA on my blog this past weekend, but good thing my exciting and exhilarating life is stalkable somewhere on the interwebs.

Clockwise from Top Left
1. Scenes from apple-picking with Jeremy and his mom at Terhune Orchards. LOOK AT ALL THOSE APPLES. 
2. Wandering aimlessly and cheesing around New York City because I can. 
3. Another round of #NameTagFriday at my office. Last Friday, the question was "What natural element would you be?" 
4. Jeremy proving that he has what it takes to be a style blogger too. Check out those high-waisted pajama pants. 
5. Bonobo. Absolutely amazing in concert and Grey Reverend has an incredible voice. If only I didn't decided to wear heels for a concert where I would be standing for 2 hours straight. Good choice, Jen. Good choice.

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  1. i'm following your instagram now.jeremy is so cute with his high-waist pajama.i gonna try this too..haha

    xo josephine

  2. lololol what a cute picture of Jeremy! Yeah, those pants are pretty fancy. ;)

    Also those apples look amazing. APPLES ARE MY FAOVIRTE. I eat one for breakfast every day... yum yum uym

  3. I am just getting into instagram now I have a smart phone and these pics are adorable. I am _susiesnaps, I have to get following you!
    Such a sweet are almost convincing me I could pull of white tights but I don't have the legs! xox


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