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Guest Post: Vanessa of My Pen My Voice

What more does a girl who loves Christmas need than an evening with her friends, a warm cup of sake, and the most stunning Christmas Market in the city? In spite of the trouble we had finding parking and the issues we faced trying to find a restaurant with less than a four hour wait, we had an amazing evening. With snowflakes swirling and a bitter wind blowing, my friends and I shuffled from booth-to-booth of the Toronto Christmas Market. 

We walked along the cobblestone alleys, admiring the bright lights and rustic charm of the Distillery District. We were blown away by the various vendors and their interesting creations, from decadent chocolate-dipped bacon, to handcrafted products, and everything in between. Standing beside the forty-five foot tree or in the middle of the market trying to capture a photo with the love of my life, I watched a swarm of people scatter by. They were singing Christmas carols, sharing laughs with their loved ones, smiling brightly with frost-bitten cheeks, and I thought this is what Christmas is all about, spending time with the people you love. Not focusing on what goes wrong but enjoying every moment that goes right. 

Enjoy all of your moments. 

Merry Christmas, from my city to yours.


  1. Glad you are a having a wonderful time Jennifer c:

  2. So pretty! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! xx gemma @


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