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Guest Post: Stephen of Feeding My Folks

The amazing Jennifer Hsieh asked me to be a guest blogger this holiday season and I couldn't be more honored. Not only is she a fantastic writer, stylist, and fashion guru, but she's also one of the best people I know. That's right, her coolness transcends this crazy thing we call the internet. If you ever have a chance to meet her in person, take it. Home girl is awesome. So now that I've gushed about Jen (who may or may not be paying me for every compliment), let me introduce myself:

Hi, I'm Stephen from FeedingMyFolks!

For those of you who've read her blog before, Jen has been a fan of my pumpkin squares since she brought them to a work function last year. Since that dessert is great for holiday entertaining, I thought I'd throw her yet another recipe perfect for serving at an ugly sweater shindig, cozy cocktail party, or even just as something to sip during a Christmas movie marathon. Sounds good, right? Welcome to the world of mulled wine.

For those of you who aren't sure what mulled wine is, it's a warm beverage consisting of red wine, spices, and fruit. It's errs on the sweet side, but the sweetness can be increased/decreased based on your particular tastes. Hints of orange, cinnamon, clove, and star anise (which is a bit licorice-y) strike the tongue with every sip. This recipe is great to have on hand when you have surprise guests during the holidays because it takes only minutes to prepare (20, to be exact). If you have the time, let this bad boy sit overnight. The flavors deepen and tastes really good.

If you're still not sold, think of mulled wine as sangria for a cold winter night. People traditionally use port wine, but any red would work splendidly. Have a happy holiday season. :)

**Makes 4 servings** 
3 cups red wine 
1 ½ cup apple cider (or apple juice) 
1/4 cup apple liquor 
1/2 orange (zested and juice) 
5 whole cloves 
3 star anise 
2 cinnamon sticks 
1 nutmeg (crushed) 
5-8 tablespoons honey 

Place all ingredients into a medium pot and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to low, and simmer for 15 minutes. Cool slightly and strain into glasses. Garnish with an orange/apple slice and cinnamon stick. Serve and enjoy!


  1. So sad that I'm below drinking age (and live with my law-abiding parents. . .) Gonna go check out your blog, Stephen!

    1. Come on by, Sonya! I'm a talkative guy (Jen can attest to that), so feel free to say hi whenever you'd like.

  2. that sounds delicious! i actually have always wondered what mulled wine contained, although my favorite part was the jen might be paying me for every compliment. great guest post!

  3. Thanks for the chance to guest blog for you, Jen! :)


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