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Guest Post: Travel Tips by Cuddly Cacti

Hello, friends of Jen! I’m Dus and I blog over at Cuddly Cacti and with the swap group Flock Together. I’m a born and bred Southwestern, and I have a love of travel, green living, social entrepreneurship, and personal style, all of which I mention on my blog.

Today I’ll be sharing a bit about travel, and I’ll cut straight to the point I always bring up: you don’t have to be rich to travel. Actually, depending on where you live, you could spend less in several days of travel than you might on a day out around town. Of course there’s usually that pesky thing called a flight. But, there are two easy ways to get to that purchase I figure. You can:

1) Do that whole pseudo “Travel Hacker” thing (which we occasionally do) and open up cards with huge flyer mile or cash back bonuses for “travel cash.”

 Or 2) Put a few dollars away each day that you’d have spent on a coffee/lunch out, etc. and let it add up. That one will add up slower, but you can save it even for a day trip to explore a beautiful site in your state you’ve always wanted to see.

And then of course you can check (I recommend looking for private rooms in hostels if you’re a light sleeper like me), or for cheap stays, you’d be surprised the great deals you can find online.

What are some of your favorite budget travel tips? I’d love to hear! Thanks for having me today Jen; I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season!


  1. Great tips Dus!! I definitely would love to do more travelling, it's good to know I can get a private room because I'm an incredibly light sleeper

    1. Glad you enjoyed them Jenna! I'm a super light sleeper too, I def rec travelling w/ ear plugs also.

  2. Thanks for the lovely travel tips (:

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