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The PNW Diaries: Great Wheel + Sculpture Park

The next day in Seattle was a bit chillier than the last so I made sure to bundle up with layers upon layers. We headed back down to the pier to ride the Great Wheel for some beautiful views of the entire city as well as the surrounding islands and waters (this was also a suggestion from Gwyn). It was between seeing the view from the ferris wheel or the Space Needle. Ultimately, the Great Wheel won due to cost and experience and we definitely didn't regret it one bit. Plus, ferris wheels are kind of awesome. I wanted to go around a few hundred more times but unfortunately that's not how things work.

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Even though we didn't plan on going to the very top of the Space Needle, we decided to walk over to at least see it up close. It wasn't as impressive as it is from a distance, but at least Jeremy and I still checked it off our list. Oh, and not to mention the incredibly delicious bowls of pho we had only a few blocks away at Pho Viet Anh. It was a quick Yelp find that Jeremy spotted and I wish I could teleport back for this restaurant too. I swear, all my favorite parts of our entire trip were the noms. Nom nom nom.

After even more walking, Jeremy and I decided to wrap up the afternoon at the Olympic Sculpture Park. Man oh man, was it lovely. There's nothing I love more than just watching the water and, lo and behold, look at that row of red chairs just waiting for me to sit my butt down. Jackpot.


  1. I LOVE FERRIS WHEELS! The third photo is awesome.

  2. Ferris wheels are the best! I feel like I'd pick the Giant Wheel over the Space Needle too. Lovely photos!


  3. after seeing your pictures i decided i seriously need to visit the pacific northwest!

  4. Seems like Yelp is quite helpful in populated areas! Good to remember that tip...

    You look darling and the ferris wheel looks fun!

  5. The 2nd and 3rd pictures could be postcards. Legit sell them, Jen. Make dat cheddah.

  6. great pictures!!!
    i fall in love of what you are wearing, just so cute!

  7. All of these Seattle pictures make my heart happy! You are representing the PNW well ;)
    xo TJ

  8. All of these pictures are really igniting my desire to visit the PNW!!

    xo Shay
    The Curly Casualista

  9. falling in love with everything you have to say about seattle and all of these pictures!!! MY CITY! you definitely made the right choice with the great wheel over the needle! wommppppp. i wish I could have made it over there to hang out with you:(


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