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All My Favorite Colors

Forever 21 Brown Coat (similar), White Knit Top (similar) | Urban Outfitters Mustard Cardigan (similar) | Gap Green Ankle Zip Jeans (similar) | Urban Outfitters Tribal Print Scarf from Jasmine (similar) | Target Wallet | Gabrielle Moc c/o LAMO Footwear 

I don't always wear my two favorite colors together, but when I do I drink Dos Equis. Well, I didn't. But I do love myself a good ol' Dos Equis so I might as well have. 

Jeremy and I recently started watching House of Cards together after all the buzz about the release of the second season. We only got three episodes in and, you guys, it's so painful starting a series with someone. Why? Because you can't watch another episode until you see them again. Good thing Jeremy's staying over tonight. I don't know how I would've survived another night without some spicy politics in my night. Are any of you guys watching it? 



  1. Those colours are fabulous together, love the mocs too!! And yes, I'm just watching a show with my hubby and it's so hard. I always want to cheat and watch the next episode!! xoxo

  2. Oh Jen, you are so adorable in this outfit. Also so right about starting a new series withsomeone else :)

  3. Jen, I adore your pants' color! Lovely outfit overall. I agree with the part where watching a series with someone. I can totally relate! :P


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