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Studio 12.20 Winter Essentials

So because Mother Nature decided that winter should stick around for a couple more weeks, I find myself still lusting after winter wear when I would normally be gazing wistfully at my spring dresses. But then I keep hopefully telling myself, why invest in a coat when the weather will warm up any day now? In the meantime, I'm finding things like the Anorak above that'll get me through those in-between days. I've been craving one since October kicked in but I never made the dive into the Anorak end of the coat pool. That doesn't even make sense, but that's okay.

But on another note, I've really wanted to pull off a beanie all winter long. I don't think it's too late though - can't hats be worn year round? No? Maybe? I barely pull off my owl hat but now that I have straight bangs, I'm pretty convinced a legit knit beanie will look pretty awesome. Stay tuned to find out. Maybe I'll snag this one up. 

And finally, the knit poncho/cardigan. I have to admit, I've always been a little nervous to wear one of these in public for fear of being laughed at. But like, seriously how do you wear one of those under your coat? Which is also what makes it perfect for those "not-quite-spring" days where it's too warm for a coat, but too chilly for just a sweater. And if anyone laughs at your poncho, who the fuck cares. You're fucking cozy.

Are you guys still in winter wardrobe mode? (Stop laughing, you year-round warm weather people!)

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  1. You need to refamiliarize yourself with the FTC guidelines for disclosure.

  2. These all look so cozy and warm! Personally, I'm just hoping that winter has to lose steam soon. I'm so sick of snow!

  3. holler if you're truly yenning for a knit beanie... i can make you one!


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