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Keep It Real And True

Forever 21 Beige Coat (similar), Denim Jacket (similar) | White Loose T-Shirt c/o PersunMall | Olive Green Pants c/o LuLu*s (similar) | Gabriella Rocha Taupe Ankle Boots (similar) | Reversible Tote c/o LuLu*s (similar)

So, the thing with taking pictures at 7:50 AM on your way to work is that you look exhausted. Tired. Cold. And slightly miserable, even if you feel fantastic inside. I don't know how some of you guys do it, but even though I'm a morning person...I definitely don't look it here. I look more like a "why-am-I-not-in-bed-still" person.

But things that make mornings better? New bags. And new pants. Especially if your new bag fits pretty much your entire world into it, and if your new pants feel like pajamas. It's always the little, insignificant things. Always.


  1. Comfy pants for work are the jackpot. Plus, these ones look so cute!

    I actually like taking photos first thing int he morning, but I've never tried it on the days I then have to go to work... that would be stressful and I'm impressed. Never realized that was when you did photos!

  2. I can never do outfit pictures in the morning because I workout and then shower, and by then the light is usually too bright and I'm like NAH. So at least you get yours done when the light isn't blinding!

    dem pants look cozy and the color makse me think of the froges

    also, big booty bitch??

  3. You look so fierce in that first picture!


  4. I'm glad it's not just me that gets excited about pants that feel like pajamas but aren't really! I love that tote bag by the way, the minimal details are perfect :)

  5. absolutely perfect! i love the effortless look here, those pants look so cozy too, but have a certain sharp look to them. i definitely feel how my face looks in the morning so all i can say is i envy you morning people big time!


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