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Suspended Underground

Urban Outfitters Pink T-Shirt (similar) | Suspender Shorts (similar), Infinity Scarf c/o LuLu*s | Forever 21 Brown Coat (similar)

I love suspenders. Straight up, love suspenders. I can still remember the first time I wore them on my blog. I found a pair of my brother's while I was visiting home and, since he never wore them, I figured I would put them to good use. At the time, "good use" apparently meant holding up pants that were so tight they didn't even need to be held up. But come on, they looked pretty cool. I ended up passing them along to Jeremy but he never wears suspenders. I should start a petition to get him to wear them on a daily basis but I'm also pretty sure that wouldn't be a good use of my time. Not 100% sure...but pretty sure.

Actually, now I'm just embarrassed to have shared outfit pictures from way back in 2010 with you guys. But you know what, there's no shame in my game. Those good ol' days, man.


  1. You make suspenders seem very easy and laid back to wear.

  2. You rock the suspenders girl!! It's been too long since I wore mine, I need to find them.

  3. I love that you rock suspenders!! So amazing! You look great in them!

  4. I got a pair of suspenders on a skirt from H&M! Sadly they didn't really fit all that well because the skirt was far too short for my freakishly long body :(


  5. your suspenders looked cute on you..i want suspenders too!!

    xo josephine

  6. 2010, 2014, it's four years, maaan. Don't ever look at my pictures from 4 years ago. They are also embaressing. But yours aren't even embaressing. WE ARE SO SILLY.

    Your suspenders are supa freakin' CUTE. I want some so bad, but they're always weird lengths on me, and oh so floppy. Yours is precious.


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