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Much Too Much

Forever 21 Gray Sweater (similar), Polka Dot Blouse (similar) | Urban Outfitters Mauve Skirt (similar), Black Ankle Boots

The day I can walk out of my apartment without a coat, is the day I fall to the ground and cry of happiness. Well, maybe it won't be that excessive, but I'm definitely growing tired of the endless temperatures in the 20's. My bare legs are calling out to you, mother nature. Let us be free!

On another note, layering a collared shirt underneath my sweaters always makes me feel like a schoolgirl and I'm not sure how I feel about that. I think it's the stigma that comes with it of being kinky, so I always try to avoid it. Just me? No? Maybe? It's too early for blogging. Time to go to work.


  1. As always, loving your classic, simple, clean style.

  2. I agree with Kristian. I really like the loose silhouette.

  3. Love your elegant and sweet look (:

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  4. It's supposed to getting warmer soon...there is hope!
    I actually really like the collar shirt under sweaters -- true that it gives off school-girl vibes, but I also think that it's super versatile, making it easy to escape that certain look. I really like the polka-dot blouse though, adds a bit of whim to the cozy outfit.

  5. I totally feel you about the bare legs and the coat thing!


  6. I love the slouchy sweater and the muted tones in this. Also, my favorite writings of yours are when you say its too early haha. The thing I like about layering a sweater and blouse are that its usually really comfy but you still look put together!

  7. I too am yearning for the warmer temperatures od Spring - and the flowers, foliage coming out, birds chirping, and the wonderful colours and Fashions of Spring. Meanwhile you're doing a wonderful job os styling your outfits in the colder weather. It's a shame to cover up most of your polka dot blouse with a sweater but at least some of it shows. Blouses with Peter Pan collars look nice styled like that too. Your mauve skirt, black tights and light brown coat all look nice styled together. It's only 16 day's 'till Spring. I can't wait either.

  8. oOOHOoOOohooo SEXY SCHOOLGIRL JEN! Ha. I know what you mean by making that schoolgirl stigma though. I've been wanting a plaid skirt for the longest time and I think that wearing knee high socks are so cute but... but... stigma!!! STIGMA!!!

    hoof huff hum. Anywho, I never really even got that vibe for you, more a classic schoolteacher kind of style if anything. That sweater is rad precious, dude.

  9. Loving all these colors together! You look great as always! xx


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