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A Thousand Miles From Comfort

Forever 21 Beige Coat (similar) | Striped Sweater c/o LuLu*s (similar) | American Apparel Polka Dot Chiffon Skirt (similar) | ASOS Over-the-Knee Socks | Aldo Black Oxford Wedges (similar)

We're still stuck in this cold spell. How can I tell? Besides feeling the bitter winter winds for myself, a good handful of people kept asking me if I was cold wearing what I was wearing this outfit. Sure, a part of my legs are exposed, but I think I've been wearing seasonally-inappropriate clothing for quite some time now (example). I'm a pro.

March Madness started off today and I'm hooked. I have my bracket constantly up in the background while I'm at work. And before you ask me, the answer is no. I'm not that big of a sports fan. Sure, I used to love playing basketball but I was never on a team and it was more so my dad pushing me out the door and placing a basketball in my hands. But my big boss man made it mandatory for us to fill out our brackets and now I'm addicted. It's the thrill you guys. The thrill.


  1. Super duper cute, and I feel you about being a pro in the weather! I wish I could pull off the over the knee socks- I still have yet to find a pair that are long enough!


  2. How cozy and adorable is that sweater?!

    My grandma was always a HUGE basketball fan (no one else in the family was at all), so it was always fun and funny to see her get so excited.

  3. love your sweater!! i'm not into sports as well because i hate sweating. but since last year i had addicted to running..but 10km is my max..oh,actually i don't ran whole 10km..walked a bit too.but this was fun run!!

    xo josephine

  4. i always love your outfits with the cute polka dots! when i lived in WA people always asked me why i was wearing flats when it was pouring--i'd become a pro at amazingly not getting soaked while wearing inappropriate footwear.

  5. Ugh to it still being cold there, but at least you look adorable! Also, seasonally innapproproate outfits for the win!
    Have a great weekend :)
    xo Hannah

  6. I like going to high school basketball games b/c my sister is a cheerleader & the season can be exciting, but that's about all I can manage =P Your boss sounds like quite a character!

  7. Love the whole outfit, adorable :D Especially the polka dots.

  8. loving that skirt!!! adorbs, per usual.

  9. Your American Apparel Polka Dot Chiffon Skirt and Asos over the knee socks look fabulous. Kudos for braving the cold weather for these wonderful outfit photos! I love the look.


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