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Small Town Diners + Drop Waist Dresses

Gap Chambray Shirt (similar) | Ivory Dress c/o LuLu*s (similar) | Olive Ankle Boots c/o LuLu*s (similar) | Circle Necklace c/o Onecklace | Reversible Tote Bag c/o LuLu*s 

Tonight is one of those late night at work where you suddenly realize you've been sitting within your office walls for over twelve hours. Fresh air? I could use some right about now, but here I am blogging so that when I get home it can be 100% about dinner and an episode of The Office. I'm seriously addicted to that show and I know I keep talking about it blog post after blog post. You can't stop me.

I took these pictures on Sunday down in Jersey where Jeremy is currently living. He lives in the cutest little town and one of my favorites things about it is the local diner. Everything else in their downtown area went through renovations and the stores are pretty bougie and high-class, but this little diner sticks out like a beautiful "sore thumb" and it always makes me smile when I pass by it. Makes me focus on my dreams to have a small place like that in the not so distant future. Time to start planning. 


  1. Wow you're a hardworker! You go girl! I love this dress! So pretty!

  2. you looked cute in drop waist dress..i love drop waist dress too but unfortunately i didn't manage to get one yet..yours one seem so cute!

    xo josephine

  3. That place looks like a fun place to go for a meal. And wow you- a hard working blogger indeed! You've more dedication than me...

    I like how fresh this look feels.

  4. Diners are 100% my favorite kind of restaurant :) You look so fresh and happy in that flirty white dress!

  5. you are such a grown-up, with your office and your office work!

    I went to New Jersey last weekend to visit a friend... and we talked about how I never heard the word "bougie" till I moved here. it's such a funny word! I think using the word "bougie" is in itself inherently "bougie" haha.


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